A21 Chabonit`s Mod - Wealth and Leadership R15.04


For this reason I tend to wait for V0.50 + on most mods haha


Eh, someone’s gotta test it, amirite?

Also, the Gem Table’s hitbox is off-center.


Indeed someone has to haha


Topas to Topaz including all file names, aliases and so on for better orientation
smaragd to emerald incl all file names, aliases etc.

sry, for my lack of english

centering of gem_cutter table follows with the next release


qbs recentered amber, emerald, obsidian, diamond, topaz, ruby recentered gem cutter table downscaled powder qbs to 0.07

Testing phase
amulet for worker


Here`s the first amulet for the worker, with a nice topaz crystal inserted

I will now create buffs to show the effects of the gems. I thought about

topaz = speed
ruby = health
emerald = maybe extra farming buff or gathering if possible
diamond = ??
amber = nothing amber will be just a processing thing

The gems will give buffs according to their level
raw crystals = not worth for rings, amulets, diadems…
crystal = maybe 1 attribute +10 (must look into the amounts from class progressions)
faceted crystal = 1 attribute +15
fine faceted crystal = 1 attribute +15 and another +5

wearing more than 1 accessory is not tested so far


It’s fine, man. Although, I do question the name of the topaz gem.

While blue topaz does exist, it’s traditionally an orangey-brown color. I don’t know if you were going for topaz or sapphire.


I have two things to say, one a bug, the other a suggestion.

Given that diamonds are very rare, you could make an amulet that’s effectively all of the gems put in to one item, and use the diamond as the ‘bonding agent’, or just the thing you need to stick them all together.

Secondly, you didn’t define what crafting station the amulet needs. It just says 'Requires a placed undefined


topaz is correct. I know topaz is mostly found in brown, yellowish colors but my amber uses these colors, so i thought that blue topaz would give the best contrast.
Also i thought about the best thing s associated with the colors
blue = air, water, speed, calmness and so on
red = health, anger, rage, damage, fire
green = nature, earth, plants, poison
white = pure, clear, sparkling, hardest material
yellow / brown = …

the amulet is undefined because the function of a buff is not there and the recipe is worked out for testing. Needs nothing special and can be crafted at level 0
i will change that if i get this buff to be cast when the amulet is worn. Also the problem is that the amulet is not shown in the equipment table of the worker

ATM i cannot figure out which buff_script is usable for buffing on self only


I don’t have the time right now to read all of it, but diamond should be the luxury gem. The thing that gives happiness and good moods.


I suggest Emerald decreases grow time, so you can get crops faster, and
topaz increases worker carry limit IMO


Topaz increases speed in three grades +5/+10+15 but it will be hatd to get a fine faceted topaz to craft that
Carrying capacity increase is obtained via a backpack (more or less down the road )
Decreasing necessary grow time is a good idea for the farmer amulet
Also there will be rings that let the workers stay up longer

The first 3 amulets are almost ready to release


R 004
After reading older mods i found the way to give buffs over items so here they are

3 amulets for the worker with +5 / +10 / +15 speed buff

I hope there are no naming or linkage errors. If you find any please report


Sweet looks good, have to try it now


sry no new release today

in progress:
new ruby amulet for footman and knight to gain more health
new buffs are drawn and implemented but atm without items

lets have a little look at the pngs

muscle buff

Full moon buff …


I love how this is the most advanced mod i have seen (so far) and you force us to wait so long XD


Just wait until someone wants to a space mod with multiple planets… then we will wait…


yea would hate them is they didnt release a beta XD


I’m really liking the mod so far (although only storing gems when the all filter is checked makes a mess of my town) and ecpecially like that it adds more ways to optimize your workers (and hopefully later on all other professions).

That being said, there are 2 small bugs I’ve noticed:

  1. The top tier worker necklage is not craftable because currently the place where the gem should be shows up empty (even when the crit crafted blue gem is in inventory)
  2. The cleric headband enhances their mental strength so much they start using the headband as a floating shield for their faces in stead of keeping it on their heads (probably due to an incorrect origin in the model)

Really like your mod, hoping that the other additions for other jobs are just as usefull as the worker ones


Thank you @tim1

  • replaced the circlets for the cleric - was wrong in qb

  • scaled the refined gems down to 0.08 for better placement in stockpiles

  • added amulet for footman and knight

  • working on rings but they wont attach to the bone finger, theyre just disappearing

known issues

  • gem cutter table not aligned correctly
  • in testing jeweler outfit is gone - cross checking that

You can see i`m on it i think tomorow i will release the latest version

The issue with the fine crafted ruby
i looked into the code but there is no failure maybe it`s the different naming in manifest and files. I will straighten that (Edit: did it)