A21 Chabonit`s Mod - Wealth and Leadership R15.04


R005 update

  • added obsidian rings (i`m not happy with unscalable merge_to_model)
  • added amulets for footman and knight
  • fixed capitals in display names
  • fixed alignment of gem cutter table
  • fixed fine crafted faceted gems
  • began balancing the recipes

here are the amulets worn silver, gold, fine

next steps:

  • stockpile management of the gems, faceted gems and powders and so on
  • new resources and another workbench (qb`s are ready to use)
    else see at the top


  • jeweler not taking his outfit in save game
  • there is not enough gold to make the jeweler a happy hearthling
  • to much sitting hurts


Coming soon:


R006 NEW Release

took a few days

What has been done:

  • created the smelting oven with animatedlight (had to learn that), particle effects (cubemitters…funny)
  • created new mining resource - Quartz Sand mined from dirt
  • created recipe for smelting oven - Raw Glas
  • created Recipe for gem Cutter Table - Sheet of Glas
  • added effect for the gem crusher table (just the begin…looks a bit odd without animation)
  • added stockpiling categories “Gems and Powders” and “Jewellery” )can be incompatible with BS mod (not tested)
  • added tagging for all resources, refined and so on so you can stockpile better than all
  • did some steps for better balancing the recipes (not finished but got a bit better…critics welcome)
  • gathered dozens of new ideas on paper
  • drank gallons of coffee

Next steps:

  • it`s time to use all the stuff with other classes, so new recipes are on the road

If there are problems with the mod, suggestions to the road map or critics please report


R007 New Release

what a mess

What has been done:

  • made a real mess out of my en.json - i hope i fixed and straightened it
  • added a new recipe for the herbalist
    this recipe awakens the spirit of an oak sapling - it will grow faster and will get very old - until its an Emerald Tree. You can get a special resource from that tree after many many days watching it grow

Let`s have a look on this Awkened Oak tree:

The Sapling…tiny but changed

The Small awakened Oak

Getting bigger

Large Trees surrounding my village

Emerald Trees ready to harvest

Have fun to watch this

Coming up next:

  • Awakened Acacia Tree (must have time for that…it`s quite time consuming)


The first side line to the herbalist with new potions, elixirs and plants is on his way but needs a little testing
release will be this Weekend.



Some days have passed by and heres the latest release
(download link in first post)

First i did the Awakened Acacia Tree for rayyas children so that they can enjoy that too

Have fun to see this grow

Second i did the first sidestep for further use of the jewelers resources and did a journey into herbalism

Evolve your healing potions:
From small on you can now evolve your healing potions 2:1 to the next level gaining better healing

Medium Stage

Large Healing Tonic

Superior Healing Tonic

and at last with Herbalist lvl 4

The ultimate Healing Tonic (i don`t like that name but got no better idea in that moment)

And there are some other Elixirs for town buffs to explore.
Combat Elixir, Speed Elixir and Experience Elixir (not tested)
Healing tonics made with amber

Have fun, give critcs and enjoy it
If someone has better descriptions or nicer names tell me. Sometimes it`s my bad english that is giving simple names.

Next steps:

  • decoration made by the jeweler
  • sidestep to the blacksmith with jeweler resources
  • straighten minin loot table (to much quartz sand and raw amber is annoying)


Bug report: missing icons at the job panel.
Or it’s normal at this stage of development?


Call it Maximus Helius :stuck_out_tongue:


sry it`s not a bug they are simply not there. Had no idea what to paint.

I put that top priority

also known issues:
stockpiling of faceted gems not working - ehm i forgot that it`s in the next release
scaled down the drops of quartz sand and raw amber from dirt - finished but not released

In the meantime enjoy the upgradet workers with ring and amulet :slight_smile:


Nice progress!

Did you actually draw those icons? If so, take a look at this DT: Trait Iconography – Stonehearth
If you can bring your style close to that it will look super good!


I’m looking to institute a Class mod of my own, on A21 . . . I’m super new to this concept, but not scared of the challenge. I was wondering if maybe you and I could work together on creating a class, if not, could you provide a walkthrough of how you implemented your Jeweler class? I’m not trying to steal your thunder. I just can’t seem to find anything relevant to A21, or a clear instruction set as to How to add my own custom classe. Please feel free to message me directly. Also, Thanks for the Jeweler mod!! Installing it now :smiley:


Thanks @BrunoSupremo
I was looking for something like that. I try to stay as close as possible to the vanilla style.
And yes every pic, png and qb is made by me.
Edit: after reading iconography i should take repainting mine into the road map


Ok no way to get that out of my mind again…so im on to that. Hey Bruno thats more like it right? :slight_smile:


If I’m not mistaken… the first one is the Crystal Refining Icon and the second one is the Gem Crushing Icon. Am I right :confused:?


yes, you`re right.
And it works you recognized it at the first sight :slight_smile:


If it’s ok with you, can i have a go at your icons :slight_smile:?


hmmm…ok but please let me first redo all of them. I think then you get the idea of the symbols better.

The icon set for the Jeweler Perks:

Crystal Refining

Gem Crushing


Experienced Gem Cutter

Master of Jewelery

@Stmpnk have a go if you like
Cant explain what i dont like at these new symbols…
they are ok but not special or very good but it was a first try


Thanks :smile:! I’ll give it a shot :thumbsup:.


Update (no release)

  • Re done all buff icons to show the correct Trait (? Mind, Body Spirit) color
  • some redone fringe and symbols to go along with the colors
  • reduced (nearly) to the “One symbol” iconography rules

looks and feels better, you will see

is the fringe in the png`s a must ? Because in the vanilla some are with a black fringe some not


Here’s my shot at the icons/symbols:

Default (Current button colors)

  • Crystal Refining

  • Gem Crushing

  • Jewelry

  • Experienced Gem Cutter

  • Master of Jewelry

Purple (The former button color)

  • Crystal Refining

  • Gem Crushing

  • Jewelry

  • Experienced Gem Cutter

  • Master of Jewelry

I also made a golden colored button for the Master of Jewelry:
(If you want the last one to be a little special)

  • Master of Jewelry

And finally, the icons with shadow:

Again, thank you for letting me have a shot at this :blush:. I really had fun making these :smile:!
If you want some changes done please do let me know.