[MOD] Lightsaber mod - The Claymore Update!

#Lightsaber Mod! Now with the dreaded claymore!


You know you want it!


Cheater version:

(Sets build requirements to 1 Steel Ingot)


Added a new saber, inspired by the controversial one to be featured in the upcoming films!
Increased build time for all sabers

Previous update:
I’ve added a new mineable resource, ‘Raw Crystal’ which may be pounded and polished by the blacksmith to give a ‘Crystal Prism

Crystals are found randomly in rock, and also appear in veins.

I’ve also balanced the weapons such that their attack damage:parry ratio is the same; hopefully this will be fair in practice!


N.B. this is minimally tested! Sorry if it doesn’t work as intended. Looks pretty, though!

I originally wanted to surprise-post this on tonight’s stream to show the team what we can accomplish through modding, but a) I haven’t tested it much, b) didn’t want to hijack the more important bits (Tom modelling), and c) have a presentation tomorrow morning :cry:

Blacksmith items added:

  1. Red lightsaber (power)
  2. Green lightsaber (balance)
  3. Blue lightsaber (defence)

Each one costs 1 Crystal Prism and 1 Steel Ingot.

Special thanks to:
@honestabelink for his software and tutorials!
@jonzoid for his software! I must have spent 2 hours playing with these particles in your SHED
@Relyss for her help with cubemitter coding!


Add a light emitter to it. then it will be the ultimate lightsaber mod.


Doh! I erased the code for that bit last night… I’ll see if I can update tomorrow! It was bringing the game down to a halt, but the real-time shadows were to die for!

Fixed that for you, @Azhrak


Ah, Gotta love lag caused by light and shadows.


Wasn’t lag… I made a boo-boo of some sort:


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Thats some scary stuff right dere. //edit// I also call lag anything which makes CPU and process list go boom.


Great idea! I’ll try it out later. Also, a new version of SHED is on the horizon that will be a lot more true to the actual renderer. Certain cubemitter properties just didn’t work right.

Also, you need a preview GIF to better capture the lightsaber effect. Try this: https://screentogif.codeplex.com/releases/view/611237


Hmmm gave it a try. Sadly, it didn’t work.

Time for bed, but if anybody can get a .gif of the effect, I won’t mind putting it up tomorrow afternoon!

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i, really, really, really, want to try this mod, sadly I’m away from stonehearth for the next while :disappointed:

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Star Wars total conversion mod NEEDS to happen! :smiley: Goblin storm troopers, Hearthling Jedi’s!


Dont forget Darth Vader and the half naked Princess Leia :wink:

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Here’s that gif! Effect looks really cool. :slight_smile:

[Removed, we got it in the original post now.]


Fixed that too, thanks, @jonzoid!

@Sanyo201, sure, somebody should at least code brown and black robes with speed buffs! Even better if they could make jedi/sith items work as sets (robe + saber = bigger bonus!)

I also intended to add crystals to mining and make these cost 1 steel, 2 crystal, but I got lazy.

@8BitCrab, maybe just one game… :wink:

@Wiese2007, show us your modelling skills!!!

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i really wish, sadly I’m leaving today (perhaps i can squeeze it in before lunch…)


racing along trying to find gold to make lightsabers this very minute :wink:
and for me this is the one time ts actually rare…


Yeah… I’m thinking I should make it worth 1 steel and 1 gold - 4 gold is a bit harsh! Maybe I’ll look into adding crystals this weekend

well they shouldnt exactly be easy to get… :wink:


ähmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i can do lots of things but with grafics im not really good … OK im horrible … do you like the blob? :wink:

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I saw the requirement and updated your mod so I could make them from wood with the carpenter. :wink: I just wanted to make your GIF though.

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well i finally found a gold vein and made all the sabers :smile:

but then this happened…

after i reloaded the saber blades dissapeared :disappointed:
edit when i first made them they had the blades, after awhile they disappeared leaving the glow, then everything but the hilt disappeared as shown in the pic.