[mod][A14] Spacestuff (starwars stuff for now)

sup guys,
this mod is teniccally just an updated the old lightsaber mod but with more stuff

this mod for now contains:
-Jedi Hood
-Jedi outfit(this is for only temporary until i figure out how to make a custom job)

-two handed Lightsaber (need upgrade from the original lightsabermod)
-a space shield(need model)

-Jedi Order banner(just for lols)

-implement more effects to lightsaber(even adding more lightsabers)
-adding job(sith and jedi after the footmen)
-more deco stuff(new doorways if possible)
-and more(taking request)

latest- http://praisedb.x10.bz/ (this has been moved to praisedb so any latest update will go there)
1.5-Ace_mod.zip (25.7 KB)
1.0-(Ace_mod.smod)(just for testing)
(it needs a fix need help)

files used:
-[stonevox] - community’s own voxel editor
-[spiros roman] - as an awesome newbie template
-[paintdotnet] - photo editing


Whoa there; sir, be carefull, you could offend some mod creators there!

They’re probably mostly outdated since A14 just came out

Aand also welcome? (I think you’re new?)


it just from my point of view. just sayin

I can Reapect that

Just note that The ‘Ok’ Mods are usually more complicated than an Item Adding Mod like this of yours

For example; @Drotten 's Hearthling Editing Mod (Heathlings of many Faces) will take a while since the system for the looks of the Hearthlings has changed drastically

Others that contain anything that has to do with the looks of the Heathlings (kingdom mods and such) like Nihonjin by @Avairian will have to take a while since they’ll have quite a lot of things to edit

I’m not trying to fight or anything; i’m just hoping that you could consider that not all mods are alike


that kinda obvious since this mod is just a starter mod and “OK” got mean for me at lease it useful and effective as in not breaking the game on it own.

Hello there @ACEXHUNT, welcome to the Discourse!

I would like to follow up on @Hyrule_Symbol’s comment, and remind you to check out the Stonehearth Rules & Guidelines. We try to maintain a family friendly, polite, and courteous forum, and “attacking” the current mod developers in your first ever post is not a great way to start off on the right foot.

An important note to remember, is that the game is in Alpha, and TR makes no promises to maintain any features that mod developers have worked with. They have completely reworked major systems in the game more than once. So if a developer made a mod for a previous version of the game, TR can completely break it beyond reasonable repair with an update. Even the featured mods on the Stonehearth dev blog (like Candledark and Frostfeast) have been affected by updates, and are no longer guaranteed to work.


still looking for help with this mod

lol lol lol lol lol lol


Hey there @SkippyDribs, welcome for the Discourse! I take it by your comment you read the linked post…and it likely took you more than 1 minute. I am not actually sure how the software calculates reading time, but my guess is it is based to a certain extent off the number of posts. (Which in the case of our guidelines is only one, albeit really long :wink:)

Very cool!, thanks for adding it to Praise too