Creative Stream - Light Saber

May the 4th be with you -

Due to this i thought it was time to learn how to make a starwars mod…

Thanks to @Wouter_Sikkemafor the advice (and @Kittyodoom)

Thanks to @Wiese2007 telling me how impossible it was

This is the design process (not coding)


shakes head


ILY :heart:


here are some sceenies… they look *wrong/off though… (drawing with voxels… hardest art ever!)

any ideas? would it fit in game (hearthling’s hands) as a test? - any advice would be greatful thanks

and here are the files if any modders want to take a look and if they can advise me to make it look better

At most use a 3x3 handle if you want It to look like the rest of stonehearth weapons, if you don’t mind cheating though you can just mess with scale after making th model. Normally 10 of the blocks you see there is one big block in game. Code allows you to make this more, or less to be fair I’d hva egone for a 2x2, and a simple red voxel on the hilt for a button.

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ok but if i make it that small how to get the effects of the shaft?

ok… so i realise in my may the 4th (and modding excitment) i was going all jedi art master when i should have been going voxel padawan:man_facepalming:

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Lightsabers glow. Other things in the game do to. Especially lights. There should be code that handles that part.

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yes… but how did he get the effect? you still about - he removed his acocunt (cant @ him) so any ideas for something similar to learn? i could reverse i guess? but i don’t know what to look for (yet)

Besides as i keep reading the coded effects of the game keep changing! (darn you @Relyss and etc QQ)

Edit Changed to come under modding catagory

looks like he just moddled the handled and made the entire sabre an ongoing SFX thing.
kinda like how hearthlings light the hearth and fire comes off? he just made the fire go in a stright line.

so its more difficult then what i proposed, (basicly a stick+ slightly modified code from the lamps your hearthlings can make already)

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that kind of effect should be no issue - especially if you or @Kittyodoom could let me borrow an effect code, or tell me what to look for? (and how the animation works?)

Also, i guess this looks still too fat (don’t know if its drawing in voxels is the thing throwing me off or what :confused: )

Dropbox - Screenshot 2018-05-05 11.37.40.png

at the moment its 3 > 4 vox chunky

did you check out that .qb file i sent you on the discord? that one is the right size for an ingame sword. you can use it as a comparisson aid. or just use it, it was a gift after all

this one lightsaber_enquiped.qb (16.1 KB)

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i thought it was an example ok tyvm for that :slight_smile: i will take a look

i’d advise carving the corners off the handle (so its more of a + shape) then square, made it during breakfast lol

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alright for you - you know what to do :stuck_out_tongue: - gotta start somewhere though right :wink:

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Yep! And I know how it is when there’s no one to help (shit) so that’s why I Don’t mind helping others myself :slight_smile:
Might lead to something cool in the future, and who knows: maybe you will find out something I haven’t yet :slight_smile:

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welll once i got the saber (img + code) down - then i will know how to make furniture - then if i can break apart some animations and see how stats work… i can add a jedi knight class with force powers ^^ but let’s learn to crawl first?

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Very wise :), do post how it’s going occasionally, people might be able to point you in the right direction of things

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@Relyssand etc… could you please direct me to a good thread on the forum so i can find some tips and more resources for modding? i don’t want to keep spamming new posts :stuck_out_tongue: (and i know we have a lot of threads on the subject so don’t know where to look)