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Eveything modding is in the #modding category, though some things might be in the #modeling-animation or #scripting-code categories.

If all you want to do is to add a VFX to a wearable weapon, you don’t have to mess with animations (unless your weapon will have its own custom attack / animation, in which case, there’s an add-on for Blender made by a community member: Stonehearth Add-On for Blender (Animation)).

It’s also possible to attach a default effect to an entity in its json via the “effect_list” component.

(The Stonehearth's Modding Guide is going slow, but will eventually contain all that).

ok so what i am trying to do @Relyssis … so i have my saber and the code for it implemented already (as an example) it works as a weapon in-game…

How do i give a purlpe swish/ beam effect to it? and if creating a Jedi Knight class… how would i add new animation for a force throw as an example?

For the beam effect, you would have to add this inside the “components” from the weapon’s json file:

"effect_list" : {
         "default" : "stonehearth:effects:brazier_effect"

Here I used an existing effect, but replace it with your effect’s alias preceded by your mod’s namespace, or use the full path to the effect file. The existing effects are in stonehearth\data\effects, and they can point to cubemitters which are inside stonehearth\data\horde\particles.

For the animation, you must have already seen the melee attacks in the weapon’s entity data:

"stonehearth:combat:melee_attacks": [
            "name": "combat_1h_backhand",
            "effect": "combat_1h_backhand",
            "active_frame": 17,
            "cooldown": 0,
            "priority": 0
            "name": "combat_1h_forehand",
            "effect": "combat_1h_forehand",
            "active_frame": 16,
            "cooldown": 0,
            "priority": 0

Just add your animation effect in that array. The “name” / “effect” are the filenames for existing animations of the stonehearth\data\rigs\entities\humans\effects.

In this page: Mixintos and overrides
There’s a section titled “Injecting content using overrides”. In order for the hearthlings to detect the animations from your mod, you need to add them in the “overrides” of your manifest, as explained there.

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ok… and where do i learn about scailing? i already understand the rule of a voxel is a voxel but… there are voxels in minecraft and Boundless which are a lot bigger than those of Stonhearth… where would i go for that?

Here: Changing the scale

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would it be ok to PM oyu for you to rpely in your own time - i have a lot more questyions (which i gues would mostly be found in the above resources)

or oyu could just give me a quick answer yes/no is it possible to … add a currently unknown effect to the game? or would i need the source file for that (which obviously no one but devs would ever have access to)

I guess what i am trying to ask is… if i could add a new animation which would say… throw boulder xx distance and cause xx dmg but with the animated effect… or obviously it would be easier (as i mention above) to just combine already existing animations into one effect?

That sounds more like a ranged effect as opposed to a melee effect, you would have to look into the projectiles that the archer uses.

You can indeed create an effect that’s an animation plus a cubemitter effect, that would be the easiest, yes. But then if it’s a melee attack, it would be played very close to the enemy.