[WIP] Energized Mod - now available on steam workshop


Hey everyone,

I finally took the time to have a look at modding. This is still a work in progress and I’m just fiddling around with the possibilities but here is my current progress.

I just wanted to share ^^ I’ll make the mod available as soon as I moved the recipes to the proper jobs and balance them but for now, it’s time to sleep.


PS: if anyone wish a super early access, here it is:


hey, thats cool! I may add something similar to lamp posts in my mod (oil lamp posts?). but i like the progress you have made!
also do you use qubicle or another free program for modeling?


@PackerfanGamer yes I use quicible 3 pro, I bought it during the kickstarter of stonehearth to mod for it when it would be release… long ago :slight_smile:


I’m making progress on this mod. Here is the current state:


  • New workbench for the Engineer
  • New crops and new resources produced by this crop
  • Empty power cells
  • power cells
  • power armor / circlet / helmet / shield (copy of steel set models for now)


The mighty Knight in his mighty power armor will protect us all!


That’s just the coolest armor :jubilant:

I’ve been thinking about batteries for my own modding idea, so I’m definitely interested to see how this turns out.


Power ranger! hehe that is super awesome armor :slight_smile: Will you make a version for the archer aswell? shooting lightning bolts and stuff? two handed poweraxe! I think this will be great in the future…



Thanks @coasterspaul

My “battery” concept is really simple, just a craft from the engineer from a custom resource harvested from a custom plant. No fancy power management like we saw from the mechanical mod. I’m just learning the modding platform for now.

@Fornjotr I’m working on them, but it may take time as I’m doing this in my spare time to relax a bit. The archer is there since this evening, but not so awesome yet.


Looks great so far! Keep up the good work, i will be following your progress on this mod for sure :sunny:


The mod is now on the workshop if you wish to try it:



that arrow is giving me a destinct mistletoe-arrow vibe :stuck_out_tongue: (from the latest god of war)


Just to let you know, this mod is untranslatable.