[MOD] Lightsaber mod - The Claymore Update!

I know this bug all too well :frowning:

This happens to me about 1/5 of the time… I think its related to the brazier bug. I don’t know if it spontaneously fixes later on in the game, maybe with nightfall or something. I’ve had no luck though. Hopefully this will be sorted by the bug-squashing team at TR soon enough so we can go nuts with particle effects


if you do, will you make it just one generic “crystal” ore have one for each color? also i think they should be kinda rare.

Its easy enough to implement different coloured crystals. The downside is that it limits you to crafting only from what you dig up. The red one is supposed to do more damage at the expense of parrying, whereas the blue one does less damage but blocks much more frequently. I don’t know how to balance this, though, so at the moment I think blue is the most effective one!


I’ve updated a new version with a new resource :smile:


… actually, I wanted to request some help for the next version:

Jedi/Sith robes!

Any takers???


Here is a W.I.P of the Robes tell me what you do and do not like as of now guys. I am changing some stuff as it is and adding more colors.


i really like it! though the hood seems a bit to round to me.


Yes that is something I am getting the impression of as well.

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New mini-update!

I HAD to!

Let me know what you think


uiii ladylike :smiley: now we need more womenplayers :wink: genderspecific sabers ^^

No! It’s ‘BAMF Purple’, in homage to Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber.


dang! now its gonna be hard to get them due to the fact i never make steel :laughing:

Amusingly, I always make steel and never make iron :smile:. All my iron ore gets saved and made into Steel since it costs the same amount of ore as iron does, and all you need is the charcoal (which I alays find more of than iron ore, so no problems there),


My Blacksmith is ignoring the crystals, won’t make the refined one, also , what are we to do with all the gold now?

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i think the orespawning will be changed later :wink: sooo steel would be very hard to make and like you have seen in the new battlebalance … you must quick upgrade :wink:

Hmmm… I had this happen a few times then rewrote the raw crystal code and it worked. I’ll have to check if I changed anything. I’ll double check that I don’t need to add anything to the blacksmith or stockpiles to recognise the crystals.

Does this happen every time? Does the blacksmith ignore every crystal or just some of them? Do the crystals get placed properly into stockpiles? At the moment, they’re tagged to be stored the same way as gold ore, because I was lazy. I’ll see if I can find out the tag for crystals / gems.


LOL to cute, thanks! good way to start my day, with a chuckle :slight_smile:

Oh! and yes happens all the time, sat there for 2 hours (real time) while building and still blacksmith ignored the crystals, had to shift the work load around to get him to complete other stuff, everytime got back to crystals he ignored them

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In different games? or in the same one?

Any game I start as you see here, have crystals, have the crystal in que and blacksmith ignores it (been sitting there for several minutes)

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Can you link the older mod that uses the gold? prefer to use that useless gold instead of adding more stuff.

its not useless, really helps with the net worth :wink:

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