[MOD] Lightsaber mod - The Claymore Update!

After the first two days one doesn’t need anymore net worth really just comes naturally if you mine/build/collect anyway

A thought came to me, can’t you use gold in the recipe? ie: 1 refined crystal, 1 gold ingot, 1 Steel ingot, makes more sense since gold is a far better conductor then steel


I’ll put up two versions sometime tonight - one where the sabers are easy to make, requiring 1 gold ingot, one where people can play around with my own resources (there’s another in the works!)

And yes, gold would be a good addition to the “complete” recipe

I’ll double check that my resources haven’t been broken by me lately.


except for the fact that having a net worth of 100,000 makes you feel really awesome… :wink:

I’ve added a ‘cheater version’ for cheaters like you :smile:
This should let you play it until I can have a good look at the code… unfortunately that won’t be today. Cost is 1 steel for each one - I’d have made it 1 wood, but deleting the gem requirements was quicker. I did leave gems in, so if you’d like, you can try refining them

Note that you have to start a new game to see any changes!

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I’m offended :cry:, I don’t want to cheat, want it to work and use items that are at present useless


Heheheh… just teasing. I’ll leave that version for people to test out the swords without any difficult requirements.

If you want to mod my mod so that it uses gold instead, what you can do is rename sabers.smod to sabers.zip and extract that to your /mods/ directory. Then open the recipes folder, pick a saber recipe, and replace ‘silver_ingot’ with ‘gold_ingot’… you can also set the amount required by raising the ‘count’ to a larger number.

Have fun! :blush:


Did you find out why crafting crystal prism is ignored by the blacksmith?

Not yet! Maybe this weekend

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Sadness ensues! I’ve found in my world a Crystal Vein!, (Did not know crystal came in veins)

Heavy sigh…the raw crystal sit so pretty in the stockpile, to bad can’t place them like a chair or other placeables until my blacksmith wakes up and smells the coffee.


I can arrange for the prisms to be placeable when I have a look at the code. They do give off a faint light as they are now, so placing them could add some glow to delineate walkways. Or I can add a more dramatic lighting effect that they can emit at night when placed

Thanks for the idea!

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Oh good!, I think they are pretty as a decoration as well, nice little room lights, almost gives me a feel of the lava lamp, faint light and interesting to look at.


so what are the colors available? only red,green and blue?

yes, however im uncertain whether @phector2004 has updated this mod recently, so it may not work with alpha 10, and certainly wont work with alpha 11.


That doesn’t need to be true. Saves will break in Alpha 11, but mods have a chance to be compatible, if they don’t touch things that have been modified in Alpha 11 :wink:


Yes, I haven’t touched it since February, but I think it would still work! Might try it out later

There’s red, green, blue, and violet (claymore)
Each one has different properties, but the r,g,b ones are supposed to be equivalent / evenly ‘powered’


i love this one… but sadly, my blacksmith doesnt even touch the freaking crystals… i had all the ingredients ready but nothing happens… he just ignores it amp… tried reinstalling the mod. still nothing, tried restarting the game still nothing sad… i even tried replacing my blacksmith but still his just ignoring it… i cant make a freaking crystal prism… haiz

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im using alpha 10 and it doenst work… i guess cause my blacksmith is ignoring the prism crystal order i had for him

I know some others had the same problem. It’s happened to me as well a few times. I don’t know why it happens and tried fixing it without success.

My suggestion is to try the non-crystal version:

Also note another bug: Sometimes the lightsaber will not light up… this is related to an effects bug, but I don’t know if it’s been addressed/resolved


i tried this but nothing happens… after opening the recipe folder i saw only .json files… theres no such thing as silver_ingot etc… i wanted to make the sabers a bit harder to make… more thrill… but after my lame blacksmith makes a crystal prism that is… haiz