Let´s "Desertize" Rayya's children

Mod suggestion:
I’ll explain myself:
Rayya’s children share the same crafting recipes than The Ascendancy, but If Only someone had the time and guts to add different blueprints on different crafting recipes, I would be thankful

  • I thought of replacing the short sword with a long Dagger, the Long Sword with an Egyptian Khopesh and the two handed - sword with a Sabre, as the blueprints for melee weapons in the middle East were more oriented towards curved blades, more than pointy, straight swords.

  • Maybe some armor aswell, for the Weaver some thick robes, and the Blacksmith instead of the typical European set of armor, more chain mail for the Helmets, finishing in a pointy end (Like the Saracen Helmet) and for body armor, scaled plates, Scale plates everywhere.

  • The Carpenter must be able to make a recurved bow at level 3. Because of the scarce disponibility of wood in the Desert, The carpenter should be able to create this amazing weapon at a medium level. Also, because Arabic warriors were known for their great handling with recurved bows (And Mongolian bows), also giving a military advantage to the Rayya’s children in terms of ranged combat.

  • The Weaver should be able to create poisoned arrows instead of fire arrows. Poison has the same effects as the fire, so this is just for aesthetics. Also, making the “Elite Worker” suit a long red robe would be cool aswell

Thank you very much for reading

PS: I’m not actually expecting anyone to make this, but If you do, count on my download for the mod once it’s done


One of the things I agree on is that style-wise bows in general should be available earlier for Rayyas. Composite bows are typical for Turks/Mongols/Persians, but seeing that Carpenter is at the end of a Tech tree for Rayyas, bows (and recurve bows in particular) are very late-game for them.

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I actually thought about doing some outfit/tool/weapon/armor/workbench Rayya’s Children.
But I do not see them only as Arab-like but a mix of other middle-east nations and some other parts of Asia :smile:.

EXACTLY. Making powerful bows so late in the Carpenter’s “To do” list is comprehensible for the Ascendancy, as they’ll have their carpenter working all day every day. With Rayya’s children that is different, If they can have decent bows early enough, they will have a decent military without having to maximize the level of their Blacksmith.

Also, In order to achieve that, you will have to melt a lot of ore… and the foundry is lumber hungry, so instead of forcing your hearthlings to scavenge for wood at any cost anywhere in the desert, (wasting a lot of productive time), Make bows cheaper to get

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Turbans! Yes! Rayya’s children need turbans crafted by weavers!


Also, I think that logically Workers should wear Turbans, as they spend their whole day under the burning hot sun, so they should’t really be leaving their bald heads to the exterior like that

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Plus, turbans traditionally also protected the head against blunt trauma, so they may work well as a kind of “semi-armour” for workers. Since RC generally require workers to travel further afield for their day-to-day tasks, there’s a somewhat higher risk of them running into an enemy, so I think it’s very fitting that if any race should get worker armour it should be them.

Or it may be that turbans serve as a replacement for the Ascendancy-style helmets, so there are different levels of fanciness to denote higher levels of protection. Workers could then get some other traditional desert headwear which is lighter/breezier.

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Won’t it… change the style somewhat?

That’s the Idea. It’s all about aesthetics (Unless the whole recurved bow suggestion)

You Gave me an Idea! For the cloth - Leather helmets be Turbans. The Footmen headgear, light helmet and for the Knight, a cone - shaped helmet, recovered with chain mail and an angry steel mask (Just like the Persian Immortals uniform)

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