Rayya's Children - Footmen/Warriors

Hey everyone,

Real quick, I wanted to suggest some form of footman/warrior for the Rayya’s Children.

Seeing as how wooden training swords are only made by the carpenter, there is no other means, only early in the game, to defend one’s town/city… other than of course having your own townspeople just be in charge of defense.

Now, granted, Rayya’s Children was JUST added to the game, so I’m not expecting much here. It’s just that I actually haven’t seen much discussion on the issue, so, just wanted to bring it up.

Personally, to throw in my two cents, considering Rayya’s Children being originated in the desert, may I suggest a beginning weapon to be a small mace, flail, or slingshot.

But yeah, that’s it. Thanks for reading!



maybe an iron scimitar or maybe a sling for long combat


I still think this is an issue, rayya’s children need more access to defence, esp. since the combat updates as of now. you need more footmen than the one you can buy at the start. but to do it you must go through mason, blacksmith, and both need to be trained. but if you focus more on town building. you will increase in net worth but your defense wont for some time.
They need easier acces to defence, otherwise you will almost be forced to play a certain way, if i want to get certain crafters later in the game, i need to be able to at least keep myself alive.

maybe all they need is to always start with at least 2 wooden swords, or be able to buy multiple at the start of the game
well i think i have made my point, hopefully ppl will agree


i’ve been racking my brain about this. the early game can be brutal for rayyas children, so on top of the idea of slings. I was thinking of the potter making clay prayer beads for a Monk class, similar to the shaolin monks, that would fall into the eastern culture atmosphere of rayya’s children!

Also maybe access to stationary defenses like spike traps that hurt enemies that try to bust through or walk near them, or traps similar to this. in the middle east, the oldest warriors were horse riders, and they used swords with little to no armour, so even medieval style arabian warriors will need a blacksmith so they won’t be accessible until the mid game sadly .

I’d be interested in something like this. I am usually forced to purchase all the wooden swords I find from the merchants that come to town each day, and it seems an odd thing for a faction that places a low priority on wood.

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