Armor problem - modding new shield

Hey guys,
finally I’m able to mod weapons but… got some trouble with shields:

Can any1 help me to solve the problem?
Thanks guys

Here is my whole mod-file as a zip: (6.0 KB)

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alright, opened up the mod and immediately saw the problem, you need to put the .qb’s and such in a folder named knight_shield1 inside the armor folder, otherwise your file path in the manifest is invalid.

hope that helps/makes sense :slight_smile:

Oh my god…
haha, totally confused… modding all day ;D

thanks dude :>

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and another question.
can u tell me how I can add a new category in the blacksmith craft window (existing: tools, workbench, storage… i want to add some stuff in a new cat.)?

i’m not 100% certain, but i believe you can just add something like this to the recipes.json,

      "new_category": {
         "ordinal": 9,
         "name": "i18n(",
         "recipes": {


replacing “new_category” with whatever you wantit to be named… but that might not work. @Drotten probably knows how to do it

okdoki, I’ll try!

But… How can i fix the position issure? :slight_smile: (6.3 KB)

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uh… check out this guide,

You got it right; simply adding that part into the recipes file will add a new category.

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I already placed everthing like in this thread Crab,
but it doesnt work. ;/
there is also a part in the iconic:

“mob”: {
“model_origin”: { “x”: 0 “y”: 0, “z”: 0 }

but when i chance the values there… nothing happens.

thanks for confirming!!! :slight_smile:

What voxel tool are you using? I find MagicaVoxel hit or miss with most things. When I load your model into VoxelShop, it’s off center compared to the other shields.

Easy method to line up your shield is to use VoxelShop, import a shield from the game as well as your own. Then move your shield ontop of the game shield then delete the game shield and save/export. Should do the trick.

hmm… give mea moment and i’ll check out the models for you

that part is purely for the iconic version, it determines where the iconic sits on the ground.

Thanks for your advice. Thats how i do all the stuff.
I use Voxelshop to set everything in place.
The strange thing is… when u tell me its not in center.
When i open it…its in center 0_0

Could u save it in center and re-upload the mod?

Are you importing the QB to see its placement or the voxelshop file?

following the steps in the guide i linked to i got the shield to work properly, so… maybe read the guide again and make sure you had everything correct…?

I edit everything in QB 3, export it.
Open it in magica, reexport it.
Open it in Voxel to set it in place on the +

Its kinda hard for me to understand everything cuz my english isnt that good.
Could u upload the working shield files that i can check them out or tell me exact what u did to make it work?


sure :smile: (3.6 KB)

the shield in this folders works fine in-game for me.

That sounds messy. I’m pretty sure Magica and VoxelShop read QB’s slightly differently. That’s just based on my own observations so I only export QB’s from one of them.

Use Qubicle or VoxelShop. Stick with one to export. Moving around and resaving is going to cause problems.

Move the model around in either Qubicle or VoxelShop and export that. Don’t export it through multiple programs.

don’t worry @Clint, English is supposedly my first language and it is still hard to understand at times :grinning:

The secret is “Never Surrender, Never Give UP” (galaxy quest)

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QB 3 is not able to export files working in stonehearth anymore.
Its only working with older versions.
so i checked how to solve the problem with qb3.
and it works normally fine with the export of magical and replace in voxel.