Shields what is up with those?

So i have made a Shield and i am trying to get it into the game just to test its model by replacing the Model of just a simple Wooden shield but no mater what file i replace it never seems to work… so i was wondering if some one could help me figure out how to test the model of my Shield in game so that way i know how it is being held so i know how i must edit it.

Your file not only has a file name, but its voxels contents also has names, each layer has a different name. This is super important because it is how the game will know where the voxels are attached to the hearthlings.
So you need to keep the same name. I think it is armLeft.

Are you using magica? That software can’t do this.

No i was never told about Magica. I am aware of the need for the correct names like having the Matrix having the right name. I am using Qubicle By the way

The iconic file is just the miniature that is stocked in stockpile or carried around. The actual equippable shield is the other file, usually bigger.
If you are just replacing one file by another, just keep the same file name and same matrix name. Also, make sure to export as .qb, not as project files like .qmo.

i have done all that and yet my Shield would show as the Miniature even tho i did not change the Iconic file and once they pick up the shield the shield would be invisible.

Uhm, it must be some setting in it, I do not have qubicle so I can’t help further. If you want, feel free to post your file here, I can try opening it and check if I spot something wrong.

Elven Shield.qb (16.3 KB) Ok here it is! This is to be a large Tower shield compared to the usual

nope, it’s shield

the qb looks ok so might be the json?

i made sure to not touch the json at all as i was taught not to touch it just to replace the qb file of the wooden_shield with mine by naming it the vary same thing and adding .old to the Original wooden_shield so i can replace it back to normal easy.

I got your file, renamed to bronze_shield, and replace the bronze_shield item, it worked fine:


yup, that’s why i think it has to do with the json xD

odd then that it dose not seem to work for me… hmm perhaps it was before i had to replace my Stonehearth Mod folder since the update…

are… you changing stuff at stonehearth mod folder?

i was taught that an easy way to test these things was first to Extract the contents of Stonehearth.smod then change things in that extracted folder while it resides in the mod folder.

ok… interesting
i preffer to copy rayyas, rename and remove anything that i don’t need

You must have only one stonehearth mod, if you keep the smod, folder and zip all together they will crash with each other

i do not Keep the Zip

neither the smod?

not that either.