Qubicle resizing

Hey All

Quick question…

I have created a shield for my viking stuff however i need to make the smaller version to go in the stockpile…

Is there an easy way in Qubicle for me to re-size the original and change the size of the object to the smaller one?

Upon looking at steam at the DLC for Qubicle…

am i going to need to buy

Qubicle Voxelizer Module

in order to scale stuff down?

you can resize your items by using “render info: scale” and setting your size setting there. Here is what it looks like.

“allow_vertical_adjacent”: true
“render_info”: {
“scale”: 0.4

Do you mean the thing below?

no, I was referring to the .json file associated with the object. My example was from a decorative catapult I made which is located in the entities\decoration\catapult\catapult_ghost.json.

You can use the .json file to modify the size of your object.

the dialog box you displayed may also allow size modification, but I do not have that program.

both catapults use the same .qb file. I just changed the scale info in the json.

Ah ok thanks

my only issue with that for the shield that when i attempt this it doesnt keep it shape properly or anything like that

i have recreated them in the small size instead

@Reyn can probably help you more than I can.
they were making shield and swords for their mod. Here is their post.


Hey guys! sorry I just woke up :smiley:

@Tom_Kennard Did you want a hand with the render size? It shouldn’t change the shape of your shield, it just changes the size of each individual voxel to the “scale” you set so you can make it massive or miniscule.


Thanks yea a hand would be nice.

I have only bought the base Qubicle but i have a feeling id need the DLC aswell…

I have created a shield around the same size of the Bronze shield and want to make the Iconic version now.

This is my normal size shield

With the size 10x16x16

i have then had to create a whole new one for the iconic

this one is 10x10x10

was there a way to just scale the original shield down to the iconic size? or will i have to create each one?

Nah no qubicle DLC required just need to add some render info to the iconic.json file.

the lines that need to be added are -

  "render_info": {
      "scale": ?.??

where ?.?? is the numbers you want to scale the model to. I believe standard weapon voxel scale is 0.1, so maybe try something like 0.05 and work from there.

an example of an iconic file with this line:

   "mixins": "stonehearth:mixins:item_properties",
   "type": "entity",
   "components": {
      "unit_info": {
         "display_name": "i18n(white_mage:entities.weapons.healers_staff.display_name)",
         "description": "i18n(white_mage:entities.weapons.healers_staff.description)",
         "icon": "file(healers_staff.png)"
      "render_info": {
         "scale": 0.05
      "effect_list": {
         "default": "stonehearth:effects:treasure_glow"
      "item": {
         "category": "weapons"
      "stonehearth:material": {
         "tags": "metal melee_weapon crafted"
      "model_variants": {
         "default": {
            "models": [
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Thank you both @Geokhan @Reyn

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Your welcome mate :smiley: , how did it turn out?

@Geokhan deserves the credit as he got me onto it in the first place :slight_smile:.

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Have tried it yet

go through phases of wanting to mod and other phases of wanting to build :stuck_out_tongue:


This is so true, so very true.