Easy way to rotate "in use" model to iconic in Qubicle?

probably the easiest question ive asked here:
just finished up my viking round shield’s .qb file (and it worked out quite nicely, in game too!, do also check out the back!)
only downside is that the iconic version is 70 percent burried in the ground because i made it the same as the “wielded” version.wooden_round_shield.qb (10.1 KB)

how can i easilly rotate things i made in cubicle? (ideally i just want the shield to lie on its back in storage)

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As far as i know qubicle tends to mess up the model when rotating it, i would just make a new iconic model if it was me :slight_smile:

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@Fornjotr i was too quick in asking, figured it out just now!, also how to move things above/below ground etc… (rotating along certain axises it did not like, but if you first put the “middle” of your model along a perfectly symmetrical axis, qubicle can rotate it without butchering it. its basicly MS-paint in 3d in that respect, lol.

not making a model twice: succes! now just to actually get the footman to pick up that bloody axe and then to figure out how to actually update my published steam mod because its whining about invalid stuff.

edit: pic for if anyone ever searches for this

first allign your model in the middle of the arrows- be exact-
then rotate (see the red top box), try which axis messes it up the least. after doing that, adjust with the rightmost red box, if it looks like its not working change a value and hit tab before you hit enter.

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AAAAAND done :smiley:

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anyone happen to know how to solve this? tried to update my steam workshop mod…

EDIT: also, Comma’s are the bane of my existance.
if ever stoneheart starts shouting at you that someone can make a weapon thats not in the manifest? check if you missed a comma (otherwise two items might have just been seen as one, and thus the name is off)

You may find this to be a useful tool: https://jsonlint.com/

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