Help! armor and weapon wont fit

wizard_green.smod (72.6 KB)

Im using voxelshop as well magicalvoxel still Im having hard time to place the armor right.
The helmet was shown at first but after equipping the armor it was gone while the weapon is not being used even equipped.

Hope someone can help me and teach me as well. Just starting in modding.

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The qb files are not separated into pieces, and the pieces don’t have the correct name, so they aren’t merged properly with the hearthling. You’ll have to cut them and rename each layer. Import an existing outfit into VoxelShop and see the pieces and their names, your armor should match them.

About the weapon, the qb file name is wrong (in the json is calamity_equipped.qb but your file says calamity_equipped_working.qb). Is your class a combat class? Otherwise they will only show their weapon when they are defending themselves, like the workers or the crafters.

@ContainedChaos that armor looks nice, i hope you figure it out, so the rest of us can get our hands on it! :smile:

@Relyss Thanks for that. I finally able to fit the armor right. But Im having a hard time with the helmet. I tried many times to change the position in voxelshop but its still not in the head, I even change the options in voxelshop

chaos_female.qb (307.9 KB)

This is my first time in modding. Please help!

Looking at your picture, I think your layers (matrix) names are wrong. You have it named model, and even has an extra empty layer there named Layer.
Delete the extra layer, and rename the proper with the correct name. I think it should be named head, or hat, not sure. You will need to look into other helmets in the game for the reference.

If you don’t name it correctly, it will not connect with the hearthling, even if you position it correctly, if the hearthling looks into a direction, the helmet would not rotate with it correctly.

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Thanks @BrunoSupremo finally did it!

Off to the next mod!!