[HELP] Helmet BUG

Hello, guys
I’m creating a mod that have a helmet, but idk why my helmet is fixed and don’t follow the “idle movements”.

Can someone help me? x.x
I just copy the iron_helm.json and edited it, switching the field that need to change, like .qb, .png and .json files.

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Can you post/upload your .json file for us to take a look :slight_smile:?

forest_helmet.txt (1.6 KB)

I put in .txt to upload here

If you need another file, just tell me =)

Many thanks :smile:. What voxel software are you using?

I’m using VoxelShop.
I dont have money to use Qubicle xD

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Don’t worry about it. I’m using VoxelShop too :wink:.
I also lack the funds… I feel you…

Anyways, is the layer “labeled” correctly?

I think so.
When i exported the helmet to .qb on VoxelShop I tried with and without the “Bounding box”, and if I uncheck the “Use origin as zero” the helmet will stay side-backward of the hearthling.
I also caught the reference of the iron_helm.qb to make my helmet.
Edit: Without the bounding box, the helmet stay on the ground, if i’m not wrong

By I mean labled, sort of like this for example:

EDIT: If I remembered correctly, I experienced the same error and I fixed it by checking the label and correcting it.

Oh, sorry. xD
I understood wrong. My english is not too good xD
I’ll try this and soon I’ll post if it worked

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Don’t worry :wink:. English is also not my native language.
Good luck :thumbsup:!

EDIT: Oh, don’t mind the “Layer 0”.

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Oh, it worked, thank you.
But, a creepy thing appeared hahahahahaha :laughing::laughing::laughing:

How I fix that? o.o


Hahaha :laughing:… ha :sweat_smile:… erm…:sweat:

Hmmm… Let me think :confounded:.
Can you post a screenshot of your export settings?

And if it’s not a bother, maybe your .qb file as well :slight_smile:.

Do you mean this?

.qb file
forest_helmet.qb (161.5 KB)

Maybe if I set transparency to true?.. i’ll try
Edit: nah, don’t worked. The hair and the beard stay upon the helmet

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Hmmm… The model looks good and labeled. Great job on the model by the way!
Try unchecking :x: the “Use bounding box as matrix” and check :ballot_box_with_check: the “Use origin as zero”.

EDIT: Oh and you have different models for the male and female right? Because, judging from the height of the
helmet model, it looks like it’s for the male one.Not sure though…

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No, it’s the same model, but for the male the problem is the same.
Well, I think that’s the default.
I will fill the helmet.
But if isn’t default and if someone knows how to fix that, I appreciate =)

And thank you very much Stmpnk. If u find something, let me know =)

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Take a look at how the engineer’s helm (the goggles) are done.

I think it has to do with "layer": "hat", "transparent": "true",

I tried to use “transparent”: “true”, the problem is that some parts of the hair and, on the case of man, the beard stay above the helm.
Maybe I could make the helmet taller than now to dont let the hair and beard upon it, but my objective is to make a helmet for all kind of hair, tallest or smallest xD

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