Armis Maximus Mod v5.0 May 6 [A23 / A24] - On Steam Workshop

Thanks. I had thought about using the varanus skin and bones for armor sets. One of the first I did was actually a bone armor but it didn’t look good as the heathlings don’t have enough arm / leg length. Maybe they can make it in there as special armor sets!


v2.2 is out. Finished the black and white armor set. Still to come is the cleric / archer and initial armor colors. I would love ideas on exactly how to include or set the initial color scheme and which would be preferred.


I love the new black armors! the helmets are really cool :slight_smile: Cant wait for the archers and clerics to get new looks…


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my first try make weapon :grin:

so hard first time


Nicely done. It’s always nice seeing something you made in game for the first time.

thank you… i will try make more weapon :grin:

Small but painful update! The archer armor went through way too many versions before I simply scrapped them and went back to the leather armor look as a base. The cleric has simple colored robes as the more I tweaked them the more they looked like a paladin’s armor (which they are not - hint hint to other moders). I do intend to make another set of both the archer’s and clerics armor as their end set. I also added in some weapons to match the black and white armor but they look pretty good with any of the armors.

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I love the look of those weapons, is it regular on the left and fine on the right? Or Ascendancy on the left and Rayya’s on the right?

Wow I’m excited, I just discovered this mod! Quick question: if I did some modding of Archer arrows - making ice ones that slow the enemy, would you add it to your mod?

no, just i cant crafting hood

Are you getting an error? We need more details.

Sort of in that the black armor set goes with the weapons on the left and white on the right but in that regard they are what I think of as the 3rd kingdom (Northern Alliance? - black) and Rayya’s (white). Of course you can mix and match.

There is no archer’s hood recipe. The archer’s vest recipe creates a hood and the vest which is why it uses more resources. If I could figure out how to make it a single “outfit” I probably would have but then it brought up other preference issues. I’ll open it up to a vote as it’d be backwards compatible.

Recipe question
I’ll leave it up until Friday.

  • Keep archer’s armor recipes the way they are which creates the colored vest and associated hood.
  • Make a new recipe to separate the colored archer’s vest from the colored hood.

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Sure if you want and don’t want to create your own mod. I am creating unique bows for the black and white sets as well but it would be nice. I enjoy playing with the Wizards Class Mod Pack which adds in 3 types of wizards one of which has an ice / slow effect!

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I could make my own mod, but I really feel it’d fit better as a supplement to someone else’s work. Also, I hope to have this communally-built mentality develop in the forums :wink: thanks for referring to that other mod, now I’m definitely gonna go see how things got implemented :grin:

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Sounds good. I do like the community approach.

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All the Archer equipment appears to be assigned to Footmen.

Thanks for the bug report! The issue has been fixed and sorry for any inconvenience.


i found this on your mod mybe you should fix this, but nice mod look like assasin creed this archer hood