Armis Maximus Mod v5.0 May 6 [A23 / A24] - On Steam Workshop


if when you change archers armor recipes, you can correct this bug, it would be awesome :+1:


This is fixed in the current version as identified by @Cheezez. You will need to download the latest. Can’t wait for Steam Workshop so you get auto-updates :wink:


The poll was close. Keeping the recipe but clearly marking it that it makes both the hood and vest.


Small update to fix the archer’s recipes to better describe them. Also added two new recurve bows which are completely aesthetic.


error report.txt (3.5 KB)


Thanks! Fix has been posted. I’m going to have to slap my QC person :wink:


wow, you have a QC guy.


Either that, or he’s slapping himself right now and doesn’t want us to know :wink:


It was an awkward situation. The QC guy blamed the lua coder who pointed the finger back at the voxel rendering tech all the while the lead animator, who hasn’t even done anything yet, ignored them all and continued to watch football. In the end we all agreed that it was due to a faulty trackball with a bad right click button. The trackball has been formally counseled.


the “legendary” trackball or the top-of-the-mouse trackball?


I would say legendary but Logitech decided to stop making the Trackman so I am stuck with their inferior M570. People don’t want cords anymore :frowning: but hey…i’m not bitter about it…much. Damn you Logitech!


what I mean “legendary” are these guys
legends never die

I still like your mod


Lol! Is it bad that I’m old enough to remember when people bought “new balls” for their mice instead of just buying a whole new mouse? And thanks for the like @Hunyo18!


pssst why does the title say 2.7 but the latest version for download says it’s 2.6???


sshhhhh it was a secret :wink: no just need to slap around my QC guy again. Thanks for the heads up.


lol welcome hahah


It’s just going to result in that poor mouse being blamed again…or maybe the keyboard this time :stuck_out_tongue:


you know the trackball was acting a little cocky and disinterested at the time… :slight_smile:


I’m having an issue where my archers are only putting on the armour not the hoods unless I change them back to work then back to archer


Let me take a look. Do you have other mods enabled as well?