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Yes several lol - they guy finally put the hood on when he hit level 2


Ooooh that is an oddity. Thanks for posting. Lol I couldn’t get it to duplicate as all of mine were already level 2. Thanks.


Updated with fixes and a split branch for A23. Still debating on how to incorporate the old fine armor and weapons.


Make them a separate version, crafted at a higher level? A “Master craft” sort of thing?


Yes but I am still flirting with the idea of an unlockable recipe for most of my old fine items via the GM/quest system.


Update to add in clay weapons. Please let me know if it does not seem correctly balanced (which it really won’t as there is no way to get a knight yet). Also please vote on whether the potter should be able to create a knight’s talisman. Currently the weapons do the same damage as their blacksmith counterparts.

Should the potter be able to create the Knight’s Talisman?

  • Yes!
  • Yes, but at a mid level and for a medium cost.
  • Yes, but at level 6 and for a high cost.
  • No! Absolutely not and you defile the sanctity of the game by even bringing this up.

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Vote is sort of close but I’d like to get more folks in so bumping this.


Small update to organize the armor types into their color sets. Also without getting into too much detail I am waiting to possibly adding a recipe for the knight’s talisman.


Small update to add effort to the recipes as well as realign the weapons and armor to their vanilla counterparts thanks to @Banto. Love watching him build.


I’m not sure if this is an issue with the mod or the core game but the knights aren’t “replacing” the initial shield with the mod one - they seem to overlap - I know they don’t actually remove the initial shield as it’s the talisman but it looks odd with them carrying both shields


Yes they don’t anymore. It appears that instead of continuing with "slot": "offhand", there is a new "slot": "leftArm", which isn’t universally used. Expect a quick patch in the next few. Thanks for pointing it out. :slight_smile:


Fixed issue where new a modification to the slot was causing models to overlap. This will probably occur again in future builds as there are still models that attach to “offhand” vice “leftArm” but I think the exciting part is maybe they are getting ready to make hearthlings southpaws?! Or possibly dual wielding? Thanks to @Auryanna for point it out!


All shields are at leftArm now.


Yes it looks like only the older unimplemented ones like the cracked wooden shields are not. In the knight_description.json it still refers to:

"equipment": {
  "torso": "file(knight_outfit)",
  "offhand": "stonehearth:armor:knights_shield",
  "mainhand": "stonehearth:weapons:bronze_sword",
  "helmet": "file(knight_helm)"


The shields still aren’t quite right - hopefully you can see the screenshot


Interesting. In Alpha 24 I don’t get the same behavior but it does appear that the leftArm is attached at a different spot and as such the models were moved a little bit. Going to try and duplicate the overlapping behavior in order to correct it as well.


@Auryanna - thanks again. I cannot get that behavior but it might be due to something either with you being on A23 or having already had the glitch. I have updated the placement of the shields in the latest download. After you download the update I recommend changing the knight’s job back to footman and then back to knight to see if that corrects the glitch.


OK will do - thanks :slight_smile:


After some deliberation I decided to not allow the Potter to create a Knight’s talisman but instead a new defensive class call a Blade. The Blades defend themselves with an offhand weapon vice a shield. The Blade’s talisman is made via the Potter with ingredients made from the Herbalist. I also changed one of the Herbalist’s recipes to allow someone to more predictably obtain it. I also add a debuff to all the Potter’s weapons to give a chance to slow enemies for a short period of time. I attempted to play through a hard session of Rayaa’s and while the Blade is certainly not a Knight he fared well enough. Please let me know if something seems unbalanced, awkward or simply wrong.



Might have to up some of the Blade’s stats. On hard core the Blade gets beaten up pretty good when you hit about 24+ Heathlings.