Armis Maximus Mod v5.0 May 6 [A23 / A24] - On Steam Workshop


Honestly I thought this name is given to rogue like class.
But I do love the this new class fight with the off hand weapon.
, although my Blade took shield and offhand both together :joy:

seems she is ok with shield too.


GAH!!! hum… Well that definitely isn’t supposed to happen. They would be pretty OP if they could stack all that dodge, parry and block. It looks like you are playin A24 is that correct?


Ah it was the wooden shields. That will be fixed shortly.


Okay sorry about that. The issue has been fixed. I unfortunately do not know what behavior your save might exhibit. Sorry again.



Oh,yeah,I forgot to report that I’m playing A24.2,
and the fix is worked with re-promote, :+1:t6:
thanks alot for your fix and bringing us new class gaming experience. :jubilant:


That is great news. He will get beaten up a lot more than a knight though. I think it need to up the parry.


Blades need Clerics pay more attention on healing in relation.:sweat_smile:

Widget Error adjoining roofs

Updated on steam workshop.


I subscribed to this on Steam, but none of your items seem to be showing up in my options. :expressionless:


Sorry to hear that. Does the mod show up in your subscribed workshop mods in Stonehearth?
Also what version of SH are you running, is this a new start or old save, and what kingdom are you playing as?


Hi @stonemonkey, I just saw that the file size on the Steam Workshop is 313MB!

But the .smod from this thread is only 2.29MB.

I guess there’s something wrong…?


What version of Stonehearth are you running? you need latest unstable or rickety_building branch else it wont work


That is the power of the .smod (zip). So unzipped that is how large the mod is. All the armor sets are around 3MB a pop (and there are 2 per for the male and female models). Unfortunately the way it seems to work with the workshop it is a raw file format which I agree is not very efficient. Let me see if I can put it back into .smod format and load it up.


To those that have missed them I am reintroducing the fine top tier armors in the next update.


Download up top or via the Steam Workshop.


New…er old armors are back in and provide added damage reduction. Also! Added in 3 new axes: bronze, iron and steel.


Wow,looking forward for more type of weapon!! :jubilant::jubilant::jubilant:
Is there gonna to have more class using these weapon?


Thanks @TheHeiRou. I am taking a break from more development on Armis although there is one more class I want to put in if I can figure out how. I also have plans for additional cleric and archer armors as well as some weapons for the poor book wielding clerics. Again don’t expect anything for a month or more as I am working on a different mod.


What are you going to be working on :)?


A mod where I am completely doing something wrong :slight_smile: .


Sounds like the start of every mod ever :wink: hahahha