Armis Maximus Mod v5.0 May 6 [A23 / A24] - On Steam Workshop


Any Barbaric or Viking variant?


I am waiting, as I’m sure many are, for the northern alliance :wink:


Yup. Works now. You figure they would have mentioned that somewhere in their post, but if they did, I didn’t see it!


I have found that I’m missing a few of the armour variations, for example I have about half as many red pieces as I do white, and I am also missing a few black items.


Dude awsome axes, i can now finally start an true dwarven army


That is odd behavior. Is that the blacksmith or weaver or both? Also can you upload a screenshot? Also what version of SH and did you import the smod from this post or subscribe via the workshop?


I’ve found I have the same issue - looks like blacksmith only - A24 unstable & mod from the steam workshop

my mistake looks like the weaver is missing the blue armour as well


I can answer this and apologize for any confusion. Hopefully it is the same for @Madcarrot and it simply stems from me not willing to override some of the default recipe information. The blue items for the weaver are the default and can be found under “Clothing and Armor”.

As for the blacksmith there are 12 unique black / white armor items due to their being two unique “fine” armors in those sets. The green armor represents the only color set that are completely modded (only color change). The other 4 items in the blue and red sets are the vanilla items that can be found under “Armor”.

Again sorry for any confusion as it isn’t really intuitive and I only recently moved them to their own category in v3.4 of the mod.


I’ll have to get back to you with the relevant information around mods etc tomorrow as I’m working right now and then seeing the Avengers tonight


Hi @stonemonkey, few questions below. :wink:

  1. I wonder why the DEF of Main-Gauche is lower than Blade’s Offhand? Isn’t Main-Gauche better than Blade’s Offhand?

  2. I can’t find anyone who can craft those awesome padded cleric’s vests. :sob:

  3. The curve bows are in the wrong category.

  4. And I think the ATK should be the same as the vanilla curve bow since they are made in same materials.

  5. Steel axe is described as a two-handed weapon, but it acts like a one-handed weapon, and so does the scimitar. You might want to check other two-handed weapons, cause I didn’t try them all. :face_with_monocle:


Thanks again @dalabo!

1 - This has been fixed and will be out in v4.1. It was the same as the steel shield (6) but somehow my QA guy dropped the ball again. He will be on bread and water for weeks!!!

2 - Well this is because…I haven’t actually put them in yet. So with the new weathers I am looking at making the black set keep your folks warm during snow and the white set keeping your folks cool and free from the sand storm. They are coming once I figure all this out.

3 - This has also been fixed in v4.1. Apparently SH moved a bunch of their categories around.

4 - This has been adjusted as well.

5 - Is a bit depressing. As @BrunoSupremo pointed out in this post it isn’t just modded items (as seen below) and when it is fixed it will potentially break all modded 2 handers depending on which way the SH team goes with a fix.


Updated to 4.1. Thanks to @dalabo. Updates are at the top.


Clerics are getting their buffs. Update is going out on Steam in a few.



So freaking awesome @stonemonkey! i love that cleric armor :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :heartpulse: :jubilant:


I’m really got surprise that I was thought that you are not going to update next month,but you release epic update in 14 days ,awesome!!!:jubilant::+1:


Cleric look like Paladin. Ouch… @stonemonkey , i give a spoiler about new class?)


I noticed that you need to go over the storing categories @stonemonkey :wink:


I love that cleric.
This is one of those cases in wich I’m sorry I can’t give more likes! :heart::heart::heart:

Have fun, Kyth.


Blessed - Iron Hammer
Consecrated - Cleric Padded Vest

What about Clip, Mighty and Veteran?


Love the new hammers. Thanks for the great work!