Shields are equippable with two handed swords

Footman can equip a two hand sword and a shield.

The bug is found at the “stonehearth:armor:offhand_placeholder”. It blocks the use of the offhand slot, but since shields now use the leftArm slot, they are by passing the restriction.

Fixing the above so that the offhand_placeholder blocks the leftArm instead of the offhand results in a new bug:
If the footman had a shield before, when he equips a two hand sword the shield is deleted.


As @BrunoSupremo pointed out. Thanks cause it really looks off.

 "type": "entity",
   "components": {
   "stonehearth:equipment_piece": {
     "slot": "offhand",
     "ilevel": -1
 "entity_data": {}
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Bump? Thoughts on a fix or simply making them all offhand again?

They can equip iron pikes with shields, too.

But shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Just shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

That doesn’t need to be fixed any time soon. :stuck_out_tongue:


I thought that was just an undocumented feature of footmen, as I don’t recall knights doing that? (I could be wrong though) Its nice having a solid reason to keep footmen around with other classes.

Well they are your raw dps. 60% damage buff and all that…

The knight doesn’t have that problem because they cannot wield 2 handed weapons.

Thanks. This should be fixed in the next release, along with items in blocked slots being destroyed instead of dropped. It’s a little awkward because if you have a two-handed weapon, there’s no way to control whether your people use the two-handed weapon or a one-handed one with a shield (except by demoting, destroying the unwanted weapon, then promoting), but at least it fixes the incorrect behavior.

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Give them a third invisible unused slot, two handed weapons take all 3 slots, add a toggle for ‘offence/defence’ preff, defence closes off the third slot making them not able to equip two handers, thus they will go for shields and swords? ?