(not a bug) Footmen not equipping shields

i have 2 level 6 footmen that won’t equip either bucklers or iron shields in my inventory. haven’t tried bronze shields

a17, 3013

Have you checked to see if they are using two handed weapons? If they’re using giant bone clubs or pikes they can’t use shields

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Upper left icon on the shields, I normally thought were only for Knights. I haven’t seen a footman use a shield in a few updates. Footmen - DPS, Knights are Tanks.

Fairly certain footmen still use low tier shields. Not at a computer to check, but I believe only a few shields are knight specific

Footmen use shields - they have 3 they can equip, a wooden one, a bronze one, and a iron one. The (non-bug) issue is that footmen will always prefer 2-handed weapons over 1-handed weapons (presumably because they have a higher dmg/dps rating), so once they get to level 3 (when the first 2-hander becomes equippable) it can become quite rare to find a footman with a shield.

I assume this is fully intended, with the logic being that if you want to keep them as “sword and board” (1hander+shield) melee fighters, you can switch them to knights at that point. If you keep them as footmen, that implies you don’t want them as knights/sword&board, so they favor dps equipment over tanking equipment.

Sidenote: Given that footmen can use more shields than knights (footmen 3 [wood/bronze/iron] vs knights 2 [default/steel] (+1 [wood] one they would never equip as its worse than their default shield)), I find it humorous that it’s apparently common to forget footmen can use them :wink: