Armis Maximus Mod v5.0 May 6 [A23 / A24] - On Steam Workshop


I love this mod! :heartpulse:




Hey @dalabo! Since the buffs don’t stack I needed 2 to give each a unique bonus. Blessed will be on healing weapons, consecrated on armor. Clip is on weapons that can slow an enemy (since the clay weapons). Mighty is on the tanky fine armor and Veteran is on the fine DPSy armor. Was that the question?


Thanks @Fornjotr! Are you using the better storage mod? I do need to go through and re-organize. Now that SHED is IN the Steam version (truly excited about that) I really don’t have any good reason not to use it. I just need to rework my manifest file I think. SHED will greatly increase my ability to make small modifications, better optimize, and make full use of the other editors and visualizers. It is probably going to be a little while as I am not really able to work on any mods for a few days and then I am going to be assisting in something else for a short period of time which hopefully everyone likes and enjoys. No spoilers. :smiley:


No, not at all! I just want to figure out what equipment give those buffs, so I can make sure I didn’t give the wrong translations. :wink:

BTW, the weapons are the tough ones to translate into Chinese, cause they don’t have official names. :joy:

And as usual, great work!


Oh yes sorry. Feel free to use some creative license with that. Many of the weapon names literally mean sword/dagger in their native language. Likewise for other translators. I didn’t really think about how much of a pain that would be. Like the German.

I plan on adding the buff icon to the image. I just haven’t gotten around to it.


Don’t be sorry. That’s our problem after all.
Just wanted to share with you, don’t let it limit your amazing creativity!


No other mods than this Armis Maximus :slight_smile: I noticed that it is only the new items (clericarmors and the bronze axes etc.) that dont get put into storage.

Thank you :sunny:


Awesome! Thanks for the feedback. I am looking at them now.


So finally got to actually play and noticed that the Rabbits wear my armors. A fix will be coming but will also significantly increase the size of this mod.


it’s possible to make the damage increase with the quality of the item, like a normal sword making 12 but a blue or purple make 15 or something like that?
something like refining ou reforge to increase the damage would be cool


Hey I really like this mod but was also wondering if anyone or even the creator of this mod could teach me how to make a custom class mod that can make things pls I am working on a warhammer 40k mod and I want to have the techmarine make all the equipment.



thanks for replying


@ElectrifySkrill anything you can show us already /like 40k quite a bit :stuck_out_tongue:


@Wouter_Sikkema Yes I have model I got from Didis how do i make my own discussion because I will show everything there once I make one


@BrunoSupremo thanks for the tutorial but it is a little a confusing is it possible that there is a video on how to do that


New topic button, right upper corner when you are outside this thread.

There really isn’t a video on how to do it, most of us start small and pick it up a bit at a time (starting with items is the usual starter to stonehearth modding)


thanks for letting me know


It feels confusing because that assumes previous knowledges, which are teached in the other pages from the same guide, just check it in order from first to last topics and you will be fine most likely