Signery Mod v5.3 - Apr 19 [A23 / A24] - On Steam Workshop

The Signery Mod is my first public mod. It adds new signage to the game from an internal mod I had created but decided to break into several smaller mods (which was actually a pretty big pain). The motivation for this part of the mod came from the lack of signs for early Rayya’s Children settlements.


Signery.smod v5.3 for Stonehearth A23/24 with updates for appeal.


Yet another small update to allow for proper translations.


Another small update to fix some of the descriptions, recipe and add a new clay sign that I somehow missed.



Just a small update to reorganize the banners and signs. Also added 3 new monument style signs in brick, wood and stone designs. They work with small wall banners (sort of), wooden signs, clay signs and the simple banners. Note that after you put them down you will need to redeploy the sign you want onto the “smooth” side of the sign stand.

A23 (4.0):

Updated with appeal and new recipes for the fine items. Please leave comments as the tweaking of the appeal is fairly tedious and while I QC’d it for some time it may cause undesired effects.

UPDATE v3.1:

Additional Banners

Signpost and Markers

Note - you must place the markers or anything you want to “stick” to the signpost and then move them to the signpost. Hopefully this behavior will be fixed in a future version of Stonehearth.


New to 3.0 - Stockpile and additional banners


A very small looking update with most of the new content getting split into a new mod called Armis Maximus. Still some work to do concerning placement of the metal signs as they are not centered and fully fleshing out the three new banner colors. As promised I also added storage/stockpile signs with more coming in the future.



New to 2.0 - Hanging Banners and Pennants


3 Large Hanging Banners
3 Small Hanging Banners
3 Large Pennants
3 Small Pennants

Some of the original content:


Metal Signs

Clay Signs

Fancy Clay Signs

Tapestry Signs

Red and Green Banners

27 Blacksmith Recipes (Clay / Tapestry / Metal)

2 Carpenter Recipes (Clay / Tapestry)

2 Cook Recipes (Clay / Tapestry)

2 Engineer Recipes (Clay / Tapestry)

2 Herbalist Recipes (Clay / Tapestry)

2 Mason Recipes (Clay / Tapestry)

18 Potter Recipes (Clay / Tapestry)

10 Weaver Recipes (Clay / Tapestry)


Download the .smod and copy/save it into your Stonehearth\Mods directory.


Engineering Signs (possibly with animations)
Fancy Carpentry (wooden) Signs


While I don’t anticipate any please post issues here and be sure to add which version you are running.


Some days I fancy myself a voxel critic, but I can’t really complain about any particular signs because you’ve added so many great ones. Hopefully I’ll remember to actually install this mod next time I play Stonehearth, it looks amazing!


These signs looks amazing - great job, stonemonkey!

Oh LORD, Devs please put this mod in the next alpha, Stonehearth desperately needs this! :blush:

Small update. See above.

Question to the community. To go along with the new banners in Signery I have recolored the existing armors to match. Initially it was just for RC. The intent going forward is to also make 2 more banner colors as well as recoloring the armors for those banners (currently yellow and black). I am also working on two unique armor sets but I keep asking myself if I should dump the armors in their own mod or leave them in Signery. Please vote and leave comments.


  • Armors In New Mod
  • Armors In Signery Mod

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One Mod for every types of Item. One for helmets, one for signs, and , and ,and for example…THX FOR MODDING

(how i can color the letters ?
or is this not possible)

<span style="color:orange">An example of an orange text</span>
An example of an orange text

but it does not show though, hmmm…

THX the same idea i haven’t

The signs in this mod are a really great addition to the game but I was wondering if you could possibly create one for a storage building, something like a warehouse sign with a stack of crates as the emblem maybe.


Awesome idea! I will have them in the next update!


Awesome idea!

I’ve not tried this mod :blush: …yet!
But, imo, adding “generic” signs like this really adds a wonderful touch to this already-amazing-looking mod :+1:

Closing out the poll. It seems fairly clear that I should put these into a new mod which is a little bit of a pain but works out better overall. Should be posting another mod shortly. Possibly even today as apparently I can’t stream any fooseball! My loss. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Small update. Hope you enjoy.


Great stuff. Just finished building my storage warehouse so looking forward to seeing the new signs in game. Also the new banners look fantastic. I especially like the black one. :smile:

Clay banners were planned for Finetems, fortunately I haven’t yet began to make them. Tapestry signs are a great idea, but I’d prefer them to use same icons as other signs do. Metal signs seem too expensive for a regular town and I don’t think the models fit SH style.

May I add fine versions of your banners in the next Finetems release?

Thanks for the feedback. I thought the tapestry signs looked a little odd with just the flat symbol and wanted to add more color as well. There is still a good chance I will code them into the mod as I did with the blacksmith’s and carpenter’s banner but just haven’t gotten around to it. The metal signs are for the little city that “has everything” and I always thought of it as more of the end game look with fancier shops. Fine or fancy versions of all the signs are planned. Currently only the clay signs are done and folks are obviously more than welcome to make new content. More the merrier.

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Just discovered i’m unable to craft the clay stockpile sign. When you click on it in the crafting queue it says requires a placed undefined. I’m assuming it should be assigned to the potter’s wheel.

Hiya Stonemonkey :slight_smile:

I just noticed that the hearthlings prefer the original blue leather armor over the red ones i made them. The blue ones came as loot from a wolf camp.

That is interesting. They should not as the loot level should be .1 higher. I did find an issue with one of the steel sets that will be updated in the next release. Please make sure it wasn’t the cloth vice the leather as I cannot reproduce.

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