Which one looks the best?

Ok guys i need your help. If you followed my previous posts you know i made the master sword of link. When i look at the original art van stonehearth it doesn’t completely fit but when i make it more in the original style the sword does have more realistic ratios but it looks less like the original.

So i made some different versions. could you guys say which one you like the most and if possible also why?


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In order of preference 2, 4, and 5, seem to fit Stonehearth more as well as meet my aesthetic standards.

I like #4

It seems more like Link’s sword as it appears to be a long sword. 1 and 2 are more like broadswords with blades car too wide to be it.

Although in the original picture its possible that his sword is a bastard sword which can be used either single handed or two handed.

I prefer #4.
Simple, flat, elegant.
I think detailing with additional blocks when the thing is only 1 block thick is a bit much, Maybe try a slightly different colour on the same plane instead?

I can’t actually see a difference between #3 and #4, but I like those mostly because of its simplicity and it’s flat. Blades don’t really ever need another width unless it’s something very unique.

i’m digging both #3 and #4… very excellent job on recreating the sword…

I really like #4 as it has more of a stonehearth feel to it.

#1 or #5 in my opinion

Thanks for all the comments :D. I think ill go for 4 then :3. i will try to rework the previous sword 2 :D.

I personally like # 2 best. fine details but still stylish :smiley:


I like the third option.

Ok i reworked some swords. How do you guys like it :D.

Reworked left, Original right

Close up of Biggoron sword

Note i fixed the bleu sword so that the dark part is longer


I like the smaller less detailed ones of all the versions to be honest, with the exception of the blue one, I like the big one better

Then my goal is achieved cause thats why i reworked them x3. Would be a kind of useless if the rework wasnt anybetter or at least more in the style of stonehearth xD. But the blue one was the most dificult to make on such small scale.

I really like the updates you’ve made. I personally liked #s 1 & 2 the best. 1 is visually pleasing but since the original sword was a bit on the flat side 2. 5 is nice, but if I had to pick one for SH it’d be 1.
The new ones you did look awesome I really enjoy the crystal blue looking one. Can’t remember what that one is, but like it a lot. Keep it up.

Loving the small and big ones :slight_smile: hope you have plans to turn them into a mod of some kind :slight_smile:

I like #5 the best :smile:

4… not into the “thick” looking blades.

1 & 2 look like they match the design style of the swords shown by Radiant most.

I like #4, but #2 would definitely look best in SH.