My Voxel swords


Here are the swords I worked on at that middle of the KS campaign.

Can you guys guess the sword names of the ones that do have names?

Our take on Tolkien *Community MOD*
Newb wants to model an Ulfberht

Hm… let me try. Sword 5 (from left) might belong to H-Man. Sword 6 should be Frostmourne. 7 looks like a Katana and 8 like a Ninjato. Not sure with the others :disappointed:.

Update: Sword 3 might be from Thundercats (Sword Of Omens).


agreed… nice catch on Frostmourne… :+1:

the rest, escape me…


left 2 right

1 - KS basic sword form SH
2 & 3 - Sword of Omens - “sleep” and "Awake - HO!!"
4 - Schwarzenegger Connan sword
5 - He-mans sword
6 - Frosty
7 - Generic Katana with curve
8 - Ninja sword
9 - Zanpakuto Zangetsu bankai form from Bleach


1-9 The beautiful sword of beauty. O.o I can’t believe… those are so good… why were they never brought up before?


Thank you, Sir! I saw Pete’s work and said… "Hmmm maybe I should post these now"
Pete is my inspiration! 80)


@voxel_pirateYou are correct on all the swords 80)


Thank you for sharing these, lookin’ sharp! (Couldn’t resist :blush:) I really like the katanas. Thundercats are still awesome as always.


Hi those look really cool!
I’m thinking about getting into modding and was wondering what you used to make them?


Sword 5 (From the left of course) is Amazing! If I could come up with a name for that sword, would you guys mind “Stardust Dance” or something along those lines?


@Roughshod qubicle… It is a great program!!


@PyreStarite Thank you! do you mean Frostmourne? Its the 6th sword in that has the ice on the blade with the ram’s skull.
The 5th sword is He-Mans sword


O.O Zangetsu bankai is there!