Slacking voxels

The Evil one looks like it has some elemental power.

Yeah… Somehow I picture “Vampiric” properties…
Or just Dark powers. :o

So something like “Life Steal” or “Drain”?

Double post is pretty much accepted in your own thread if it has a purpose…

But on topic, those are some pretty cool swords. Whenever I try to make them, they just end up too complex and blocky… I especially like the gem in the handle.


@mangarz yeah, maybe something like that.

@Paranundrox thanks. And yeah, I like the gem too.

Maybe when the game is out I might try putting these into the game… That is if it’s not TOO COMPLEX of a process, hehe… ^o^’

Also, is there a link to a “Stable” (as in won’t crash Qubicle) of the “Worker” or some human? Male and Female? might wanna try making characters too… :o

ask, and ye shall receive:smiley:

Thanks alot. That didn’t crash my Qubicle when I loaded it. :'3


My newest creation, and my first attempt on making a Character.

A Male Fighter.
I went with basic colouring, as I’m not so good at shading… :s


nicely done @xSlacker! i am loving the single shoulder piece (borrowing from @Geoffers747 own dress preferences)… if i had to critique, perhaps you could bump the belt and straps out 1 voxel?

overall, very nice! :+1:

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It’s good! Don’t worry about the shading, it comes with practise.

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Uhm… Now Qubicle crashes and spams me an error message when I loaded up a model.

This is what it keeps SPAMMING me.

What do? :frowning:

atioglxx.dll is an ATI driver dynamic link library to do with OpenGL

I’m guess you have an ATI graphics card.

Maybe Qubicle doesn’t like your current graphics card driver? Did you update your driver recently? It’s not totally improbable that a small developer like minddesk may have compatibility issues.


I just updated it… And now it works fine, hehe. ^o^’

nice sleuthing @Froggy@xSlacker, in the event it might help a few other folks, would you mind capturing the steps you took to fix the problem? :smiley:

edit: sorry… that’s my manager hat accidentally taking over…

I updated my graphic card drivers. Mine were so 2011, lol.

Also… Now for something completely diffrent: Does anyone here have a base model for a FEMALE character for download?
I don’t wanna steal models or any of that, I just want something to work from as practice… ~.~’ contains the models that form the base of most of my creations. Feel free to dissect them.

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It says file not found. :frowning:

I think I have successfully made a Female. :o

Hmm… Not sure if good or needs more tweaks… :s

Edit: made some small teaks on the hair going down her back.

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Nice. It seems everyone here can do hair… except me cries in corner
Just remember that the model should still look female it you change the shirt color and give her a more androgynous hair cut. If it doesn’t, you’re probably using too many tropes to make people assume “oh, female”

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Yeah, It still looked female when she had the “default” blue shirt on.
But I just can’t figure out how to give her a bit of a… “tush” shape down her back…
As in it goes in at the center of her back, the goes outward down her tushie.

EDIT: Currently working on another version, to experiment…