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Hi, first I apologize for my writing, English is not my first language.

So… few month ago I participated on the KickStarter for Stone Hearth my first reaction was “This kind of voxel art is so amazing!” With the time, I watched some of the stream on Twitch and ask myself why I don’t try to do the same thing with Qubicle? And here is the result of my first try.

My objective with this character is the respect the design of StoneHearth, have the same resolution and proportion. For the proportion I used some reference given by @Froggy in this post. The character is kind of guard with a light plate armor and some leather for joining the armor piece. For the helmet I tried to replicate an Armet Chapel with a padded cap inside. The weapon is a simple halberd and for the shield I tried to do a little shield fixed to the forearm.

If you have any comment you’re welcome and I will really appreciate it if you can give some tips to improve my works. If you want access to the source file of my creation just ask and I will add it the this post.


And here some other images


And an other


I really like this!

Improvements? I suppose maybe the whole thing looks a little too unsaturated, but he looks really good! :smile:

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And just thought I’d repost it properly for you :smile:

He looks properly saturated here, so ignore my comment :smile:


For the Image1 to Image3 I used Blender with Cycle for the render, its maybe a mistake when I exported the .obj file. its maiby the reason why its looks like too much brighter than the Qubicle Gif. I will try too fix it.

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welcome aboard @MStony! :smile:

that is one excellent first crack at a model… very well done! i took the liberty of editing your posts, to directly embed the images…

i hope you continue your work, as you clearly have a knack for it! :+1:


good work on the model :thumbsup:

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A very good first model! I’m pleasantly surprised :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing more!

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Agree with all the posts above, very nice looking first try :thumbsup:.

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Nothing more to add. Excellent first model. I look forward to seeing what else you can produce! :tophat::ok_hand:

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Like everyone else this is an awesome first model. I’m definitely looking forward to what you show us in the future!

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Here is a fast creation, I try too found the good terms for explain it but I think I’m wrong, so this a “training puppet” for the military training, I did it for make an animation with my previous character but I have some problem to render a character with Blender

This is rad as hell!
I love the first render of it, it looks beautiful :grin:

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You should have a metal stand, like the wood base, then the ‘legs’ as a metal?

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@Azhrak Thanks for your comment, I choose to do the training dummy (not sure is the good word) all in wood for the main reason that is need to be a low cost item, its job its to be hit and the probably destroyed with time. In medieval times, the metal have more value than wood so for create a cheap training dummy they used wood, hay and some clothe/fabric. I don’t want the model have a lot of detail because I think is a kind of background element.

Ah fair enough then, it looks great none the less :grin:

its perfect for a training dummy… nothing ornate, just a solid piece of wood, used to hone your sword wielding skills…

great stuff! this will definitely makes its way into the game as a mod… :wink:

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Here is a new creation with a little bit more detail than the dummy, but just few amount of detail. This is suppose to be a Minotaur, I try to make him with a lot of muscle but I don’t really like the final result. I don’t like the horn, the shoulder look more like the head of an hammer and the skin color is too much flat at my opinion.

It took me 5 hours to do this and now, I will focus on a bigger project, would probably take all my week-end, I hope…


he needs a BIG axe
I love him! He definitely deserves a titan status :stuck_out_tongue:
ps. you should help me make a mod based from a game :smiley:

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um, you’re kidding, right? this guy looks fantastic! i think he fits almost perfectly with the SH theme… i have nothing to complain about, or any real constructive criticism, except perhaps to extend the muzzle a fraction?

but man, this guys looks great!

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