Sungai Tribe Mod (Full Tribal Conversion)

So here we go guys! This mod is official now (Awesome work by @SteveAdamo and @Geoffers747 with the new categories! Much more organized sounding). What started as me just messing around with Qubicle and making some fun random models turned into what you see now. This entire tribal conversion started from just a war drum and feathers I made for a Shaman/War Mage and I’m not entirely sure how it reached this level but I’m glad it did haha. For a reference to where this all started and some of my earlier work; for posterity.

Enough nonsense let’s get into the meat of this; pun intended.
**Updated with 2.2 Scratchpad look at all the new stuff! If I have to zoom out anymore… I might need two pads for just Sungai; this pad includes the beginnings of THE BUSKERS! Once their race has enough they’ll get their own pad.

New (almost) final class progression; orange arrows are direct upgrades and blue lines are who makes the equipment for that villager upgrade.

More class/inheritance info direct: Classes/Inheritance and Further Details

  • Sungai Tribe (Full Tribe Render) picture updated (2.1)
  • Sungai Tribe (Job Progression/Inheritance) current PowerPoint showing.
  • Pikken Breeding Chart still the same (2.0)

Now that your brain is done exploding we’re going to go into some details here; for those of you who’ve already been following the mod in my corner of fun you might notice a few different things.

(6/29/2013) Begin updated text

I’m going to just show the current PowerPoint or whatever quick mock up of the Job progression as it’s currently changing too much to worry about job pictures at the moment.

First up in the scratchpad 2.1 you’ll see tons of new stuff and the new music trio The Radiant Wombats

Next up for you guys that have been following along you know that when we expanded the class tree (the one showing in the original post currently) it added a ton of redundancy and I just generally disliked how linear it was. It didn’t mesh well with the other ideas we have for villager kids and offspring either. So I had been axing classes, rearranging stuff, adding conditionals, and other stuff but it still didn’t feel right. I think I’ve come up with the solution though and it’s in the kids. So with that we have what’s above everything starts with your Villager (he’s going to be like the worker in vanilla Stonehearth) from there they have access to only the green colored jobs (as in base level jobs). So now you start building your tribe and you got some Warriors, Archers running around hunting and killing you have a Carpenter making some huts and a farmer sowing the fields when someone comes back with a spear in their eye you send them to the Herbalist to get some natural remedies rubbed in but then what you say?

Well you get your tribesman busy making kids so now you see a Xena Warrior Princess shaking up with the local Handler and they have a kid when that kid “grows up” you’ll be able to choose to inherit Warrior OR Handler OR Rider as the kid grew up both around animals and fighting; he’ll unlock the ability to equip a “Rider Talisman” which will produce your very first Rider. Now that you have one Rider it’s much easier to get more (the new grown up Rider villager just needs to get busy) they will be able to produce offspring that will get to be Rider or the other job of their parent depending on the needs of your village at the time. You will also always have the ability to equip any talisman that doesn’t require a specific “inheritance” as well so even villager offspring can act as just a jobless villager if you really need a specific base job that’s always an option.

So for the color coding of the chart the Orange jobs are a hybrid inheritance that involves two parents of different jobs and the Red colored jobs are pure jobs inherited when both parents are of the same base job. Purple is a special case scenario and this slide is unfortunately as of about 5 minutes ago outdated in regards to the one example it gives; it can’t actually be 3 base level jobs (3 parents?) I was trying to think of just an example so for the “Maker” (name pending) it would really be like the Blacksmith + Carpenter or something along those lines. So a third level inherited job will involve any second generation job mixed with a base level job because 2+1=3 sounds good right?

Now for the Chieftan he was always going to be a special case as he will be the first to use the “dual talisman” assuming we can make it work. Like @2_Zons said some jobs might not be a great “fit” as far as leadership goes but that job is going to be more based on just level and “age” of your tribesman. I think any tribesman that survives long enough to be qualified to equip the Chieftan armor would be viewed as at least an elder of wisdom in the tribe and as such it would make sense to open it up to as many as possible; excluding some for various voodoo related reasons (Tribesman don’t like inventors and tinkerer’s that’s the devils work). The tribesman that becomes the Chieftan won’t lose his current job instead will just impart leadership bonuses to the tribe based on his actual job and will also impart better leadership and coordination if you choose to bring him out with a hunting party. So with that @Paranundrox you nailed it pretty much with where we were taking the Chieftan.

Building on that the plan with the “dual talisman” type of thing is to hopefully introduce quite a few of secondary type things for added flavor to give some unique advantages to the villagers that manage to survive long enough. The only one I’ve thought about so far is the Chieftan because it’s the most obvious in the tribal theme and because it’s more of a “social status” than a job/class.

I currently have no idea how many generations of inheritance are going to last I think something like that is going to depend on the coding side of it. It might be that it’s based entirely on the parents line and stops there as it’s more of a combination of what’s “in the blood” and how they’re raised; as in they were born and raised in a family with Z and Y parents so even though their grandparents (depending on the job are most likely sitting in some large animals stomach) might have been Z and X they weren’t raised around that environment so it could have little impact? It could possibly lead to only slight stat adjustments throughout the entire blood line; past the immediate generation and jobs be focused on only what the parents are.

The Bonesmith will be changing (Thanks to @Xavion for the suggestion) and will probably have the Handler inheritance side replaced with Leatherworker.

With the Herbalist the Shaman can kind of go back to being a real magic class again so I’m probably going back to the original design (I’m going to keep the method of obtaining him the same since sending a villager off alone on a random amount of time for a “Spiritual Journey” just fits the Shaman and is a risk in of itself that he may never come back.) So with that they’re both “Healers” of sorts but the difference will be the Shaman will also buff your hunting party and cast nature/elemental spells and the Witchdoctor will debuff and strike fear into your enemies meanwhile maybe summoning skeletons again (not sure on the skeletons still that might be better as some kind of crazy voodoo witch or something)

I don’t know how I want to avoid the micro management for the villager kids portion but I want to try and keep with the Stonehearth feel and reduce it as much as possible; some options like the Rancher will introduce Saddles and domesticated Pikkens that will let any of your hunting party ride them will reduce your dependence or “need” for Riders but also boost your Riders abilities.

End updated text

So for Breeding as you can see in the Job Progression chart we have planned a Rancher job and they will be the ones that handle all your breeding. You’ll tell them you want a certain color and they’ll start working towards that color in some way (Still to be decided?) or possibly you’ll just tell them to breed a Pikken and the better they get the different colors you’ll see. We’re still tossing around ideas on traits for the Pikkens some of them like “Hearty” with more health/endurance, “Speedy” able to run faster, “Unflappable” less likely to get scared might possibly be something that isn’t color specific but more in line with how good your breeder is. That leaves the color specialties of the Pikkens almost completely up for grabs with the exception of the Purple Pikken, his ability will still be increasing the magic abilities of any magic user in your hunting party.

Well that’s all I can really think of at this momemt but there will be more coming… oh yes much more; but until then here’s your meat.


– Saving this just incase I need it for something: also pre-emptive sorry for this double post –

Gonna be good! . . . …

Yes indeed! I’m going to toss this in this post just to have another “just in case I need it” post towards the top; I don’t think I will but eh you never know.

As far as the Chieftan Armor Talisman; the idea being tossed around now is possibly equipping a tribesman of a high enough level with the special armor to kind of bring him into a hybrid class of Chieftan that isn’t exactly dependant on straight progression. This might allow something like a Witchdoctor Chieftan or et cetera.

Man, this is impressive. Still amazed and stoked by all the great stuff people already have in the works. Looking forward to seeing more; if riding giant war-birds is wrong I don’t want to be right.


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rules of the forum - if you create the thread, you are allowed to double post… :wink:

and as we are just rolling out the modding category, what do we feel would be best for threads that are in fact for a specifically planned mod?

do the mod owners want to hear feedback, suggestions, etc. on their proposed idea? would the thread also be used to field “bug reports” when the mod is actually released?

im thinking yes to both, but wanted to hear what everyone else thought… :smiley:

My feelings and the way I was going to run with this is to kind of use it to show off works in progress (obviously lol), toss around design ideas/concepts, and just kind of as @Tom likes to say riff ideas and see if they stick and then edit them back into the beginning post(s). I mean that’s how I took the idea of the modding category and was my plan until someone with power told me otherwise haha.

I mean if the mod owners didn’t want feedback, suggestions, and what not I feel like a forum would be the last place they would post them anyways? Especially this early when you can’t actually play the mod or even the game it’s based off. :smiley:

The only thing I would suggest is to make sure people know that there is a character limit for posts ( @Geoffers747 told me about it; not sure what the exact limit is as I didn’t reach it and I feel like I typed a lot haha) so they know to grab one or two posts directly after theirs for injecting new stuff from the thread and as they work. I grabbed the second post just because I thought I might use it for like breaking ideas that needed discussions or something not even knowing there was a limit haha. :smiley:

And with that my first question… summoned skeleton kids.

Too morbid?

Just the right kind of realism I’m looking for?!

I mostly just wanted to see what my skeletons would look like “kid-ized” lol.
No one saw that the “female” kid didn’t have a shirt at first right? Good.


@GrimMethod You sick, sick man

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But how can you argue with the adorable-ness of the mini-Skeletons?! I mean just because of where they came from; that’s birth discrimination sir and they don’t have to take it.

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After some more discussion and food; I’m feeling more like the Shaman is going to be a base class. That kind of means that it’s not going to be as awesome as it was turning out to be in my head with summoning elemental spirits, and shooting lightning and fire and brimstone out of his fingers but it actually fits more in line with a basic natural spirit/remedies healer (You know like how Shamans are in real life). It’s going to keep his awesome war drum though but I think I’m going to redo the model to lose the robe. He’s going to be somewhat easier to acquire but because he will have “some” light magic in that his songs of war, life, and nature will inspire and renew your allies and strike fear into your enemies he won’t be just a craft and be done. So right now I’m thinking you’ll select a villager that hasn’t been assigned a class and tell him to go off on a spiritual journey and when he comes back (IF he even comes back at all) after X amount of time he’ll be a Shaman. With our villager kids idea this would lead to Shaman’s taking on an apprentice of sorts where they try and sit down near a fire and teach a new villager the ways of the Shaman with dust and fire and spiritual visions that could lead to them going crazy (Maybe becoming some other class?) or becoming a Shaman. So once you have a Shaman it would be a little easier to get another, unless your first Shaman dies or turns into a Witchdoctor first.

What do you guys think of this idea? If you were already attached to the original Shaman here’s a Black Pikken to ease your pain.

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i really like this, as its a very unique way to reach a certain class… would be interesting to implement (lua-wise) well well…

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Well, I’ve found this thread… Anyway, you seem to have come up with a ton more awesome ideas for his mod without me…
I feel so unloved…

But anyway, I cannot wait to see where this goes and to help shape this mod (though I’ll be way for a day or so tomorrow, and I’m probably going to be on a bit less in the future)

Hmm a full conversion and not an additional race to pick from? Perhaps it could evolve into that?

Well I think it’ll probably evolve to the point where that will be an option. If we’re able to replace the race in general. we can tell the game “hey, here’s a new faction”. It shouldn’t be any harder to program than converting, and my actually be easier…

important note, I know nothing about coding

Sorry sir! I was going to tell you about the new thread in the other one but then I got lost recoloring birds. :cry:

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Yeah the plan currently is just to see where it takes us; if it’s stuff we can add in as like a new race you can mod in to play as or just have them living within the world with you or if the scope gets too large then maybe a full conversion mod. :smiley:

It would be a real shame if they just changed the basic shape of humans too where they are taller, or have some weird new feature that is difficult to change existing models to.

That would be funny and sad at the same time :smiley: :cry: I’d just continue my work as is since it’s going to be a mod anyways lol.

Here’s a render showing off the new subtely changed Pikkens; if you can’t notice a difference that’s actually great haha. Well except for the new orange and black Pikkens; I hope those are noticeable.

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