Relative size & scaling up

OK, I agonized over this for hours. This was my most difficult model 3VAR!

I couldn’t decide if the bee should be black with a yellow stripe or yellow with a black stripe.

HAHA! OK seriously, this is a good bee by @Pandemic

My question: is the default game (probably at beta) going to be scaled up so that things like @Pandemic’s bee will be (pun intended) more accurately sized, maybe about thumb size at most? Or will they be left kinda big, say fist or head size, for viewing by the players from farther away?

I’d kind of like to see a little scaling so that, for example, you could have a cat chase down a ladybug or roach or something and not get eviscerated.

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Everything in the game is different scaled after being exported from Qubicle, an example of this is in Qubicle Cthulhu is smaller than a villager but after being exported he is a great deal taller. it helps to keep the feel of the game, if they tried making there models as big as they needed them to be they would feel bloated and out of place.

I would expect certain things will be smaller but as we know atm things can be bigger.

So exporting automatically enlarges things? But then everything will scale up together… So your bee will still be a relative super-bee?

Everything comes out of Qubicle at a size, scaling is done in whatever animation or rendering program you use.

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We actually know both, in one of the mammoth livestreams it was stated that by default most things like humans have a scaling of 0.8 or something, it was definitely less than 1. Of course the point was raised as to visibility so that’s would you’d have to use to determine size but that’s purely an aesthetic issue and the actual code whould have no problems with it.

Didn’t know this… Well played.

I dunno the official word yet either, but when I do models I’m operating under only two scales:

1:1 Human size - everything is based off of this scale to me, items, building detailing (as in, a door frame, a window, etc). This is just based off screenshot observations.

10:1 Building & Landscape size

I think you’ll be largely free to scale however you want. However, I doubt that anything less than a human size model will be in the style of the original game. The devs are clearly mindful in the streams about the very small size details being lost when zoomed out.


@Roughshod /sign. I agree with your comment to not less than 100%. :wink:

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@voxel_pirate @Roughshod @Pandemic

I think I understand now. Whatever we model is what it is in Qubicle. Then when it’s animated, it will get scaled either up or down and that scale can be chosen by you the modder.

So even though a bee would be modeled the same size as say a carpenter in the qmo file, animating them and putting them in the game you could scale the bee down or the carpenter up (or purposefully leave them similar size if so desired).

So this reinforces my understanding of the “model small” commandment because then you’re more likely to scale something larger, and therefore less likely to lose detail from having to scale down.

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I have a question about scaling too. For example in this picture:

I recreated the castle pretty easy because u can count the units used in qubicle. But the gate,the flag and the doorway are definitely made with another scaling than the castle. If you look at the gate, the intersection of the bars has one very bright pixel. i guessed that this is the smallest unit used in creating the gate. That means the gate is made out of a perhaps 60 qubicle units high model while the castle is 17 qubicle units high. Fot the flag i am not sure what the measurements are but regarding the shadow of the flag the red cloth looks like 9 qubicle units wide.

Did u scale them up after exporting them? Because when i scale my castle up to about 160 qubicle units height from 16 my pc really gets problems handling this model in qubicle.

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@Pandaroc To my understanding the castle is created in Qubicle and scaled up with a ratio of 1:10. So every Voxel you have created in Qubicle should be 10 Voxels in the game. The gate and the flag on the other hand are 1:1 regarding ratio in Qubicle and in the game. So basically you see here that buildings are scaled up and details are kept in the “standard” scale which also applies to a standard worker model.

P.S. The gate should be 50 Voxels wide and 60 Voxels high in Qubicle (including the border around the gate), which you can guess by counting the grayish stones which are surrounding the gate border.