Need an animal feed category under food

title says it all, for logistical reasons, this would be awesome to have, allows shephards to tend to animals instead of having to walk all the way to my cooking area to get feed for animals.


Like this: [Mod] Better Storage v1.0 [A22+] ?

Maybe it would be better as an actual ingame feature, but why do it and throw away time, which could be used to implement other features and fix bugs, if it’s already out there as a mod?

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because a mod is not a part of the game, and this really should be.

not to mention mods are dependant on seperate updating, so they might not always work.

that said, if it’s there as a mod now, i don’t see a reason to rush this out right this moment, but it should be added before they release the finished product, imo

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That’s kinda what I was trying to say. When the devs give such smaller features into the hands of modders, they have more time and resources for the more fundamental and important features. As long as Stonehearth is still in development I’m perfectly fine with it being just a mod… ^^

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