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Still waiting for that bus…

So here’s the rather simple hairstyle, because I noticed this head didn’t really seem to inherently have any ‘just hair’ styles, if that makes any sense?



Wow! Great stuff, I really love the color schemes. Are these model intended for anything in particular?

Largely, they’re a way for me to relax…but @Wiese2007 seems to be the kind of masochist that’s inclined to add them to the Locks of Many Colours Mod


:joy: I can see why he would, though! Have you tried your hand at armors or weapons?


Also, from my bus trip home (at last!);

A bald “hairstyle”, as well as a Pharaoh’s Beard:

The Goatee:

The Handlebar:

I…don’t have a name for this one:


Oh! And I nearly forgot, the Marc (based on my roommate):


I felt like actually fully making my roommate. Because, why not?

For comparison to the real thing:

Is it bad I’m tempted to try making myself now?


Fancy Garments from a little while back;

Blacksmith Female:

Blacksmith Male:

Carpenter Female:

Carpenter Male:

Cook Female:

Cook Male:

Farmer Female:

Farmer Male:

Think I had a set for each profession…originally based off the Frostfeast ones if I’m not mistaken.


Not yet, admittedly, though it’s crossed my minds a few times.

I did a recolour / alteration of the Frostfeast garments at one point, not sure where I put them all… but above are the ones I could find.

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Hit me Baby one more Time!!! Ohhh Yeahh! Ohh Yeahh xD

Also Drotten will change to UI to handle the lots of styles better xD

IIII could have lived without that, thanks xD

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Well, here’s my first attempt at a weapon; I present to you

The Wicked Sword:


I love the consistency of your work. It all fits together. :smiley: Funny how qubicle makes it look like a keyblade.

@Kittyodoom is actually using magicavoxel :wink:

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Ah, I enjoy art and do have a particular style; and as @8BitCrab just beat me to, yes, I use MagicaVoxel - with some support from VoxelShop, though I’m still not very good with the latter yet.

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Neat! I’ve never heard of MagicaVoxel before!

Do you think it affects the style at all?

Also, have either of you tried both Qubicle and MV, how do they compare?

I like it, I think it’s very user friendly; though it does have some drawbacks, it is quite nice for the design aspects. With a side effect that I now have quite a few RGB codes committed to memory…

I have not ever used Qubicle - at a glance the free version looked a bit unpleasantly limited (I may be wrong about that), and as a foreign college student I can’t really afford any paid programs right now.


Haha I know that feeling. I use qubicle but I’ve found a few quirks about it it (isometric view is not actually isometric even when its set to orthographic T.T ). I might use some of your armors as inspiration for my own in my mod, if you don’t mind :slight_smile: