[MOD] Locks of Many Colours:Version 4 now available! [A16]

Bum dede bum bum bum bum!

Ladies and Gents, I present - Locks of Many Colours:

Update 4:
Now with 2 new hats an working herbalist outfit and some new hairs and beards

Update Lost-Count-Because-Wiese-Is-Too-Awesome:
…there’s just so much, ohmigosh… I get poked, I squeak and sputter out something I was playing with while bored in class, Wiese does his magic… there’s so many hairstyles, hats, accessories… just…I never envisioned all this, it’s gotten SO big… -proud sniffle-

Because @Wiese2007 is awesome like that.

Download Dropbox - LocksOfColour.smod - Simplify your life

Bulk of the credit really goes to @Wiese2007 (including for rewriting this intro text to its awesome new description); we also have designs from @8BitCrab, and @sheepasaurusrex!

For greatest effect, mix it with Hearthlings of Many Faces from @Drotten !


For doing this mod you don’t have to code, just do some mixintos on the human male/female json files, adding the names of your models.

The game’s files are on the stonehearth.smod, inside the mods folder. You can look at them by renaming it to stonehearth.zip and extracting them.


Which subdirectory are they found in? I’m having a little bit of trouble locating the necessary data


So, of course I found it right after I asked.
Can MagixVoxel read .qb files, or is there some way to convert them into .vox files?

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Are you using MagicaVoxel, then?

Stonehearth uses .qb files without compression, exported with Z-axis right-handed (if that program has that setting).

Sorry, MagicaVoxel, that is the one. Christmas is a distracting holiday…
Thank you!


Hmm, it doesn’t seem to have that setting, and trying a test beard design…it’s floating off to a side…:

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Here’s a tutorial on how to modify the origin of the model, but I think it uses two programs :disappointed_relieved:

I’m not sure how would you have to do it for beards. Have you imported one from Stonehearth and tried to modify on top of it?

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Yes, I was using the original chin_beard, and just added some voxels onto it, as a test to see if it would work.

I’ll give that a look; as long as it doesn’t take a paid program, using multiple doesn’t bother me.
Paid programs are an issue at the moment…poor college student and all currently.

But at the very least, I have some preliminary recolours done!


Batch O’ Brows Preview:


Rainbow Beard: Yea/Nay?


I haven’t used MagicaVoxel myself, but from what I understand it can’t export using multiple matrices which is needed for animations. I’m thinking that’s why the beard is showing up at the wrong place.


Nope it hasnt BUT its the best program for creating xD but you can just load them into voxelshop (Home | blackflux.com) and make the matrixes xD

so there are tree options:

  1. Troxel Troxel
  2. Magica
  3. Voxelshop

Because of the mousehandling i dont like troxel and voxelshop but i need them for the converting ^^

Way for changings:
First i load a wanted qb in troxel export them as vox for magica - change them there and save them also as vox and import them into voxelshop make the matrixes and the positions and export them as qb ^^


Ah, I’ve been skipping that first step - Magic opens the qb files just fine so far!


because it was updated ^^ the last version couldnt open qb ^^

ok how have you opened it? i cant find a way … or do you mean my already changed files? ^^

edit: ahhh import was added xD but the regions are false again - but you can change them later with voxelshop ^^ soooo one way down - two remaining … for now :wink:


I was briefly hoping I might be able to skip such with hair, but as it seems, not making the final edits causes one to…lose his head:


Growing old doesn’t mean growing out of style:


Aged like fine wine:


Young and purple; actually rather happy with him!


Did you have some means you want to go about this, my dear crustacean?

I am nearly done with the male base models, I think. Currently at 7 or 8 sets of hair, with 14 or 15 colours each. Seeing most were relatively “flat” colours, was thinking of doing a version of them with highlight types. …I may have a few too many ideas for the colour play of this, heh

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i could put them into a.zip and then give you a link to a googledrive download in PM if that works for you, although currently only the mohawk is in a “finished” state…

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