Hair-Raising Frustration: Mod Help Request

So, I have been trying to make a modular hair mod; by intent, it would function similar to LoMH, but with the multitude of additions spread across many smaller mods rather than one big one, allowing users to pick and choose their content to a degree.

To do this, I first made a base mod, which overrides Stonehearth’s base customization settings the way that LoMH does, and adds a few small things to show that it works. So far, so good.

Then I started the first module, which uses mixintos to add its content to the base mod. I have it adding a few hair colours and a few hair models.

…it adds them, multiple times each. And all the original ones. Every option shows up multiple times in a row in the customizer. I cannot figure out how to make it stop that.

These are my files for this attempt’s build;

Base mod
First module

(This attempt, because I’ve tried a few times…it always comes back to this particular issue.)

If anyone could help save me from my madness, or can confirm this just can’t be done this way, I would be exceptionally grateful.

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Both links are the same file.
I downloaded one of them, will check later when I get some free time.
Checking what I got, it is working fine, except the last hair color. The path you used in the json is …/materials/material_maps/your_files… but your folders are just …/materials/your_files…
The same for the green skin. You can see these errors being shown in the stonehearth.log


@#$! Sigh, sorry, I should’ve double checked the links.

This is the module: download

(I checked it this time. I have to stop working on things when I can’t sleep)

I’ll fix the two of those, thank you. Let me know what you see in this one; really seems I just start overlooking the obvious after a while working on something… >.>

-edit- Actually, just adding the material_maps subfolder into the structure; keep things consistent across all avenues (and help prevent making that exact mistake again later)

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Also, thank you, @BrunoSupremo, for helping me out yet again. You’re a community hero between your own mod work, discussion contributions, and the amount you help out others :heart:


Okay, per a tip from @Drotten, I’m going to try dropping the base mod and the redundant arrays. Will report back on that shortly

Ops, sorry for disappearing :frowning: One quick look at it and I didn’t find why it is erroring. Though I agree with Drotten, it is better (both for you and the mod users) to fit it all into a single mod when possible.


That’s okay, @BrunoSupremo!

I was using the base mod largely just as a “monkey see” kind of thing; I haven’t actually been working with the code of LoMH very long myself, and hadn’t full dissected what everything does and why (hence the arrays never occurred to me as the source of the main issue until @Drotten pointed to it in a message to me)

Technically will still be a series of modules, but just in terms of content, as I don’t think there’s an easy way to make it so the user could just turn on/off things unless they know how to edit the files (in which case they could already do so)

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