Colour UnLocked - a hair colour mod

Here’s something I wanted to see but couldn’t find: a mod that adds a few more natural (or near-natural) hair colours to the game. That’s it. No new hairstyles, no accessories, no outfits or hats - just an expansion to what vanilla already offers, without changing the vanilla look and feel. Also preserves some of the natural generation weighting from vanilla, making some hair colours more likely to generate than others.

Compatible with HoMF! Not compatible with Locks of Many Hair/Colours, sorry; this is an alternative, not an addition.

The image above showcases all the new hair/skin combinations as they are naturally generated by StoneHearth. HoMF can generate any combination of hair and skin that is available to the kingdom you’re playing with, meaning that colours 3, 4 and 5 on row 3 are currently exclusive to the Ascendancy but all others are universally available. Colours 3, 4 and 5 on row 1 are intended to resemble natural dyes that might be used by Rayya’s Children, as inspired by the facial tattoos shown on some of their male models - it’s hard to see with the terrible lighting, sorry about that, but the “flame” colour is even brighter orange than ginger. Obviously the Ascendancy can access them too, but if I can figure out how I might later change them to be exclusive to Rayya’s Children, balancing out the available number of colours to eleven per kingdom.

If you’re using HoMF to customise your hearthlings, these are the colour labels to look for:

Row 1 (Brown2): golden, auburn, flame, ash, blood, white, grey, ticked, salted
Row 2 (Brown1): chestnut, goldenbrown, golden, auburn, white, grey, ticked, salted
Row 3 (White): goldenbrown, chestnut, mousy, ginger, fair, white, grey, ticked, salted

If anyone would like to try it out, the download link is here. Feedback is more than welcome. c:


If instead of using overwrites you use mixintos, it will not be replacing vanilla, it will just add into it. This would make it compatible with other mods that also adds to those same files.


I figured that was probably the case, but I still haven’t figured out how to use mixintos - additionally, the only other mod I’ve found that does this kind of thing also uses overwrites, so it still wouldn’t be compatible, right? Because anything I mixed in would get overwritten? Or am I way off base here?

Yes, if the another mod overwrites those files, then everything will be replaced with his contents, which is bad in my opinion.

The mixinto is easy.

You create another file and everything in it will replace the original when their keys match. Everything else is not touched. If you are changing a list of things (array) then instead of changing the old list to a new one, a mixinto just adds the new values into that list.

The three girls closest to the screen has the bottom half of the hair in a much darker color, not sure if intended or not.

And the orange is too bright, not really realistic (from the game standards), maybe change it a little

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Mixinto theory: thanks for the input! I gathered that’s how it works, I just haven’t figured out the syntax yet. I agree with you that mixinto is a more polite way of making mods, though, so if and when I do manage to get my head around it I’ll most likely redo this mod to make it more universally compatible.

Darker bases: yes, that’s pretty much as intended; it looks like the “salted” colour is what you’ve got there and it represents dark hair that is partially greying. Looks better on some hair models than others. You can see it on the guy in the back, too. c:

ETA: oops, just scrolled down and saw the remark about the orange - yes, I know it’s quite bright, it’s intended to look dyed that way to match the Rayya’s Children fire theme. I’m pretty sure that’s “flame” you’ve got and not “ginger” anyway?

Hey, i’m looking to grab this, I’m just curious if it needs to be updated to the newest Alpha, or compatible with it regardless?

I should also mention that your download link is broken oof