[MOD] LocksofManyHair + LocksofManyClothings


Okay, I have convinced my ipad to let me at least send the snippets over from the laptop to post screenshots. So here’s your base one, @MelOzone , with the added bit at the hairline:

This is pretty much the “before”; I have two different ways I started to go with it from here. Impending pictures once they download so I can upload them (lol…)


Sigh, computer crashed so have to start my alternate one again. Pity @8BitCrab has been too busy, this is right up the gentleman-crab’s alley…


So, quickie attempt #2, or as far as I’ve gotten into it while working on dinner - a bit simpler and more sedated, even compared to the first one I did;

Haven’t changed the colour of the base so far, was indecisive between using the brightest or the darkest there.

May I also go on the record saying that fauxhawk is inherently a very weird hairstyle even before trying to voxelize it :stuck_out_tongue:


i’ll see what i can do, don’t expect much though :wink:


I refer you to my quickie posted above your response, as a “you can’t do any worse” wager :stuck_out_tongue:


Heyho I seem to have stumbled upon a “bug?” with this mod. While rolling my characters or when I try to custimize them with Homf I get an error message:

It pops up and when I click ok (the only way to close it) Stonehearth shuts down.
I tested it with no other mods installed and still got it while rolling my characters.
I also have a problem with the position of the hair it seems to be “1 Pixelline” to high I tried to show what i mean in the Pictures below. The first one is from Alpha 15 LoMC the next from the new Alpha 17 LoMH

I have this with every hair from HoMH. I installed Alpha 17 (humblebundle Version) totally fresh so there are no remaing files from the older Alphas which could confict. Did I maybe installed it wrong or forget something to change? Thank you in advance!


thx for the feedback i have lowered the sideshaved - and for the error looks like one of the hairstyles doesnt work … but im honest i cant find it ^^


Hey first thank you :slight_smile:
so I tried around a little bit (try and error with the help of Homf) it seems the error is because of the male hair hair_mel_fauxhawk_right
after I deleted it (in the json and the file) the error didn’t appear anymore.
About the position of hair it seems to be a female hair problem I looked at the male hair and they seemed to be ok but many of the female hairs have this 1pixelline too high “thing” if you want I could make a list of the hairs I think are to high would this help?
Sorry to sound like a nag I really appreciate your effort :+1:


no prob at the moment we work on a new version :wink: and thx for the info with the fauxhawk ^^


oh wow cool :slight_smile: thank you then I will be nice and wait patiently :wink:


but a list would be nice ^^


Please do! I noticed this myself, but have been busy so I keep forgetting to make a full compilation of the offenders


Ok here is my list: ( TH= too high / MNR = maybe not right / D = different)
hair_kitty_bejeweled.qb (MNR)
hair_kitty_long.qb (TH)
hair_kitty_queen.qb (TH)
hair_kitty_workout.qb (TH)
hair_kitty_fancyshaggy.qb (TH)
hair_sheep_pixie.qb (D)
hair_8bit_hawk2.qb (D)

I compared the alpha 17 hairs with the alpha 15 version of them when I thought they looked “wrong/different” so these are the one I found.
Short Explanation:
The hair_kitty_bejeweled.qb is not to high but the strands in the face don’t connect with the rest of the hair like they did in alpha 15 (see pic)
The hair_kitty_queen.qb is 2 pixels to high it shows significant at the ear/hair position (see pic)
hair_sheep_pixie.qb and hair_8bit_hawk2.qb look different from their old (alpha15) versions. I don’t know if this is on purpose or not so I thought “just put them in”. (see pic)
I made compare screenshots of the hairs but I don’t want to spam the chat full with Images so here are just the ones I thought might help to explain what I’m talking about:

I hope that helps. I will jump into my bed now and dream of cute and fashionable hearthlings :slight_smile:
Short Edit: these are the hairs I “found strange” I don’t want to say that this list is complete and I don’t want to offend someone with this opinion! Just wanted to make this clear it’s hard when you only have writing and no mimic and gestic.


Well, the kitty ones, I’ll double check, but since I was already editing/altering them, they should be better once new catalogue is finished and implemented

(Looks like I didn’t put te Queen on a model, so gonna double check both when I get home to my proper machine to check hairlines)


I’m going to redo both of my hairstyles in question (ornate & queen) from scratch; I can’t do much for the other two unless I have consent from @sheepasaurusrex & @8BitCrab respectively. Though if they give their blessings, I’ll address the hairstyles they contributed to the mod’s catalogue.


seeing as i don’t have time to update it, go right ahead, and feel free to change anything you dislike with them


you have already changed the queen :wink:


Yes, but I only altered the model as it was - I didn’t fully re-aligned it with a model to see where it sat.
Hence that I did so again, making the third version


because of the positioning - dont worry thats my part :wink:


Ahhh… well, seeing it’s me, I may have made some other tweaks… :wink:
So, be so kind as to use v3 instead of v2, if it is not too much extra work?