[MOD] LocksofManyHair + LocksofManyClothings


no prob ^^ but can you redownload beard_kitty_Goatee.qb - i cant download it ^^


No problem! Was the other one on that post able to be downloaded?

beard_kitty_Goatee.qb (155.0 KB)


yes the others have worked ^^


Sooo i have update it :smiley:


Soooo and again ^^ New Update and becarefull LoMH & HoMF, and Candledark a17, don’t play nice together :smiley:


  • @Wiese2007 the Amazing
    seconded by sleep deprived crazy Kitty :wink:


And the Masochist strikes again (with help from @Froggy - he has show me my schoolboy error xD) - females now can have also variants (at the moment just one - a necklace)


Wow you are both amazingly fast! I really appreciate it :slight_smile: :+1:



New Version of LomH (LocksofManyHair) is up!

New female variants:

fancypads (work in progress - not perfect at the moment)

And again: Please use Homf so you can decide how your hearthling will look xD


Also; the bandit hair is now maskless, as the mask is available separately (banditscarf)
The next version will have an updated version of the fauxhawk for Mel, hopefully; been having some trouble with it


I know it might be way too late now, but you have my permission to edit my hair thing! Sorry for being completely inactive, I think I’m back for a while haha


xDDDDD i will inform Kitty THX xD


@sheepasaurusrex messaged me, gave the go-ahead for him to work up some new hairs to add. I’m potentially going to be online more sporadically for a while, so feel free to just coordinate it between the two of you


Woohoo! I’m back baby! (I’m uh… I’m also a chick btw :worried:)


cant wait to see your hairstyles :wink: chickibaby xD


Both mods updated to 3107! Becarefull not compatible with Alpha17 anymore :wink:


And a good way to discover my game was no longer set to “Latest” for no apparent reason…


Also, the ladies seem to really love the bandit mask now that it’s unlocked!

…actually, it seems like the ladies are just really going for all the same style…

Or at least are in multiples;

This feels odd. I know I’m a chaos element when it comes to RNG, but uh…

The triplets here actually are kinda creeping me out:

@Wiese2007? Did the RNG get broken?! I didn’t do it, I swear! sniffles


nope you have right … it gets allways a tripled - also after i have doubled the variants … but im honest at the moment i have no idea why this could happen xD


It’s weeeeirrrrd…


@Wiese2007 just noticed this, love the mod. :smiley: