[Mod] Playable Goblins v0.0 (Not downloadable yet)


Or you can make a story line to obtain the talisman. :smiley:

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True. I haven’t testing anything relating to the story elements yet so I’m not sure how hard it would be, but thats a good idea.
Thanks! :grinning:


Great idea!, I feel it’s possible to do, but I probably won’t be jumping down that rabbit hole since it would most likely require me to alter existing code, which i’m not too confident in since I only just started modding stonehearth. So this is going to remain outside of my goal right now. sorry :confounded:


thats…genius. mind if i take this idea for my nordlings? i was wondering how i could do a Jarl(chieftain) propperly! :open_mouth: (only one, no more)
what are you going to make your chieftain do :slight_smile: ?

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Oh no… they’re coming… flashbacks to Wealth and Leadership by Chabonit D:

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Hey @Wouter_Sikkema, you may want to check this mod too. (Though it’s outdated.)


yeah i saw that one before, i was a bit too… glammy for my tastest back then :stuck_out_tongue:
though maybe it has some usfull concepts, havent looked in detail.


Thanks :grin: go right ahead, but I forgot to mention doing this makes you start with no carpenter, so you will either have to find a way to start with two talismans, or do what I did temporarily which is change the starting_resource to the carpenter talisman stonehearth:carpenter:talisman, but then this gives you two carpenter saws xD

Or do what @dalabo suggested and make it so the talisman is earned the a event / story line.


man I had a feeling I wasn’t the first xD, late again~ though I hope mine will be very different to theirs, since i’m not focusing on wealth / leadership, I just thought that a so called “tribe” would feel better if there was a leader.


i know that the stonehearth caffe acutally ADDS extra resources to all loadouts. (berry drinks)
i could probably steal/take/borrow that code to do it that way

but yes adding it to the YAAY YOU MADE A TOWN reward might work just as well.

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Ahh almost completely forgot about loadouts!


Lol, you are welcome then :smiley:

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As suggested by @Deggial I have made the goblin farmers able to grow mushrooms now!
I feel the model isn’t the best but it works to convey the idea, atleast to me that is :laughing:

These can also be found like carrots on the normal maps, where you pick them up rather than harvesting it like a bush and letting it regrow.


I dont know if makes much sense, but when you are giving professions to the globins, you could also change their skin color. Like a red mean looking warrior globin . Or at least diferent shades of green not only hair and beard

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could even go tatoo style.

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Okay here I am reviving this. I have plenty of questions after reading this in it’s entirety. Kdron, are you still working on this mod? I was debating on supporting this mod with some funds but it would be a waste if it is not going to continue. I enjoy Stonehearth and am always interested in playing new races.

First and foremost I would like to know your status (if there is one).
Furthermore, What I/we can do to help?
Lastly, An option to help test and suggest.



Pretty sure this mod is dead before even starting.
But, I’m working in a goblin kingdom Swamp Biome Mod 🐸 (Big mushrooms)
That topic is really old though as I’m working on it offline now. The biome is playable, but in my machine it already went through major changes, so the new version will look different.
I’m almost getting them ready to release soon.


In short no it is not currently being continued. I Was doing this in my free time while attending college, and I got really unmotivated when I heard that Stonehearth was being fully released when in my opinion I felt the game was missing a variety of things. So in the end I stopped working on it. I might re-visit it later on if I ever feel motivated enough to do so, but I would highly suggest you to NOT give any funds to this mods development even if I was working on it due to my spontaneous personality. Hope this clears things up, & I hope you have a wonderful time playing Stonehearth ^~^.


Thank you for the replies. I completely understand buddy, good luck with your schooling and hope to see the mod come to fruition in the future!


That’s great! Is that the one that adds a playable Goblin kingdom?