[MOD] Space Magic



New Magical Job classes are ready to use for combat and crafting with this mod, Space Magic. Introducing the Sun Mage, Moon Mage and Time Wizard to the world of Hearth. Have Fun!

:stars: Get it on the Steam Workshop: Space Magic

:arrow_right: Or, download the mod file: spacemagic.smod
Please put the file into the folder named Stonehearth\mods
Latest update: Feb. 13, 2022


This looks awesome, I’ll try it right now!
So for us playing at home…

  • What is the parent job?
  • Who crafts the promotion talismans?
  • Are they early, mid, or late game jobs?
  • Do they craft anything usable, or decorations, or advanced weapons?

Hi Tacocat, well the first talisman is crafted by an Herbalist, and you can see how everything fits together after that, just look at the items in the crafting workshop! It can be fairly early game to get the jobs, and there is a unique surprise to be able to get a hard to obtain, rarest Job in the game… you will see. Magic is powerful; and its a mod, so its possible it can make the game easier, but its also an alternate experience.

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I have updated the mod on Steam, and the spacemagic.smod :arrow_heading_up:

Please re-download it. There was a small change adding alternate recipes for the Mage weapons, to use Gold Flakes in their recipe instead of the base item that may be harder to get if you are using ACE, which has its own version of weapons according to which kingdom you are using.

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Lol, I just got home from work and I logged on to suggest that you use ingots instead because I’m wrapping up a NA playthrough at the moment.

Gold flakes will work just as well, thank you.

Awesome work on this mod!

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I tried to make it so that all items are obtainable no matter what kingdom or biome you are in, thanks for noticing Wraith. Hope you are enjoying it! Did you see how another thing (job) becomes more accessible compared to the base game?

I certainly did. That will be pretty convenient for a lot of people.

New Update! The Time Wizard can craft some new things, including Legendary Weapons for the Sun Mage, and Moon Mage, Mind Potions, and can produce resource piles with less materials than the standard recipe of other crafters.

Get it at Steam Workshop, or
:arrow_heading_up: Re-download spacemagic.smod


Updated to add in some Mage Armor. There are 2 color variants available for level 6 Mages, a dark type (Eclipse) and a light type (Original Upgraded). They have the same stats, but if both are available, the wearer will prefer to wear the Original Upgraded set, so don’t craft it, if you want to keep the dark set on.
Also, due to the way I had to make the armor glowing effects, they only show up on new Hearthlings that join a town after this update, or else starting a new town will make it available for everyone.

Get it at Steam Workshop, or
:arrow_heading_up: Re-download spacemagic.smod


Great as well, Thanks for the recommendation for this mod. Keep it up. :slight_smile:

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Cosmic Update! Added Cosmic Heal Potions: Heals everyone, its used like a buff potion, and expensive to craft. The Time Wizard, Sun Mage, Moon Mage gain bad weather resistance through their talismans. You will have to craft new talismans and sell or destroy your current ones equipped or in storage to notice the resistance during hot and cold weather. Adjusted Pile crafting to work with ACE 0.9.3 update.
Apr.13,2019: Small update fixes Time Wizard sign placement position, and slightly increased damage of Mages after damage tests against Archer and Footman. Updated Steam Workhop and .smod for download up above.

Get it at Steam Workshop, or
:arrow_heading_up: Re-download spacemagic.smod


Update: Get it on the Steam Workshop,
or for non-Steam users, download the updated spacemagic.smod :arrow_heading_up:

New abilities are added for all the jobs, as well as several adjustments for refinement.
To activate the new abilities for current saved games, demote your Wizards and Mages to another job. Then promote them back into their magic job to enable the abilities. Its especially important for a Time Wizard to be able to place down its new level 6 attacking decoration: Star Sentry.
The level requirement for a Sun Mage and Moon Mage is now level 1 Herbalist.



Mod Update: on Steam Workshop,
or download the updated spacemagic.smod :arrow_heading_up:

Updated with Hotfix to ensure attacks don’t begin for 35 days, and happen less often.

After the outpost has grown for 35 days, the growing magical forces open Space Rifts and some strange monsters will invade occasionally. A new merchant will be included as a possible visitor selling goods from his Wizard supply Shop.


Not so sure about the rift attacks being so early in the game. Given the range on the units and the massive hp (especially on hard mode), you’re tanking early/mid game progression. The rift spawns are going around killing anything that gets close to them, meaning they’ll advance the goblin campaign whether the player is ready for it or not.

I’d recommend not having them spawn until 20 days after you’ve promoted someone to a time mage. Maybe have a quest line before they appear where a portal opens up and a Time Mage steps through. A couple quests of them requesting gathered/crafted goods and they offer to teach a level appropriate Herbalist their secrets. Time Mage and herbalist hop into the portal, herbalist instantly reappears (cause Time magic), and then after someone becomes a Time Mage the portal starts to grow bigger. Twenty days later, rift monsters start to appear until you destroy the portal. It’s kinda similar to the ACE quests to unlock bone carving for masons with an added destroy mission at the end. You may also wanna consider taking the existing rift mobs, making your own version, and trimming their stats down a bit so they’re more appropriate for the stage of the game you want them to appear.

There was a fix to make the attacks not happen so early anymore, set to 35 days in; it seems it only works on new game saves. Unfortunately, I think for game saves that started before the hotfix, there is no way to stop the attacks after they started, although they do not occur daily anymore, that part seemed to get updated right.
Logo, thats an interesting quest mechanic idea, I should have done some more thorough testing before releasing the live version.

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No worries, just caught me off guard lol. Thanks for the update and all the work you’ve done on the mods!

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Hello! I removed the mod, but now every time I want to enter Hearthling’s workshop there’s error that bugs my game. Any ideas how to repair the UI error?

I was playing clan firefly last night and a couple shadow monsters completely wiped out my town.

Seeing as the goblins can’t even be time mages, could you make those monsters not trigger in that kingdom. They are extremely unbalanced for the goblins and now I can’t go any further in that playthrough.

Two changes could be done to make it more forgiving. Make the monster be their own kingdom instead of the (I assume) titan kingdom, so you can manually set it to be neutral to all other mobs except the player, which avoids them killing player enemies and triggering their quests.
Start their spawning only after players get their first mage.

I’m working on a change right now, so far testing is going well. I added a condition to the spawn, it can’t spawn unless you have a level 6 Cleric, and I don’t think the Swamp Goblin kingdom has that. Its working in saved games too. Also, I have made custom monster tuning to lower the rift monsters health points, and adjusted their equipped weapon attack values lower, and mad it so only one range unit will spawn instead of the possible 2.