Kodi4444's workshop mods


You’re amazing, Kodi. I’ll put this mod through the wringer for you, and make sure it’s working correctly. Tomorrow. Time for work. :3


Hearthlings who spawn from the daily updates spawn with stats from 1-1000, instead of remaining 1/1/1.


I will get on that.


I’ve tried the rework of the mod. I am still having the same issue, where daily update hearthlings spawn with higher than 1/1/1 stats. I unsubscribed, and resubscribed, closing the game between those steps.

I’m not using any other mods that alter hearthling stats, but I’ll list them for you, just in case I don’t know what I’m talking about, as a non-modder. :3

Canyon Biome
Fisher Job + Archipelago Biome
MBS Training
Miner Profession
Not Supper Mod (for completeness)
Riallwood - Basic Template Pack
Sacred Grove Biome
Vasedro - Basic Template Pack
Vasedro - High Template Pack
Vasedro - Walls and Defenses


are you getting any errors?


No. The game is working fine, but the daily update immigration shows up with a random amount of Mind/Body/Spirit between 1-1000.


I have a temporary fix, but you would have to replace the modified file I made manually in the game folder.


Works for me. How do I do this?




That worked. Is there anything I should avoid doing, to break this? I don’t see any other mods I’m currently interested in, besides professions like glassworks and necro.


it should work with Most mods if not all.


Just a message to say I’m having no further issues. Everything is working fine. Many thanks for helping me.


Just wanted to say this mod isn’t working for me now. There were some recent patches so maybe they changed something? (The 6/6/6 mod to be specific)


are you using the backpack mod?


@Kodi4444 I am, it looks like they recently updated it to not conflict. I haven’t re-enabled yours yet. I’ll do that. Thanks!


This is working again with the updated backpack mod.


The SuperMod 1-X doesn’t work now since the update with a new game - all I get is 1-6 instead of 1-12 like I set it for - no idea if it’s a conflict with another mod as I have a “few” plus ACE