Kodi4444's workshop mods


Is it the Super X mod or is it easy to make?

Would like to use the same mod for a variety of Hearthlings btw 3-15 or 20 etc


The super x mod makes all of the stats be the same number that you pick out (17 for example. Every hearthlings stats will be 17). I’m at work now but I will try to get time to whip you up a custom stats random 3-20. While I’m at it, do you want backpack size to be more than 4? I run 8.


Ah yes, thanks for the offer. I got the Super 1-X mod and it works fine, tested it in a new game party roll option and all got stats above 6 so it works, also using your Backpack mod with the 10/10 item carry for golems and heartlings so they both work

Originally didnt use Super 1-X since read it conflicted with the backpack mod but seems it doesnt, yet anyway

Although, I’ve noticed the villagers sometimes just randomly dropping stuff around the place and not storing them in the stone chests, i’ve built plenty of them to last for a long while

mayhaps you could whip up the custom stats and backpack one when your free, or is the villager dropping stuff randomly just some old bug or an issue with some other mods?


I have noticed that it happens when a Hearthling changes what they are doing, or another command is given (build/harvest/mine/haul/loot/etc). They stop, think about what task they are going to do, then empty their backpacks and start the new task. I think it is more noticeable with the backpack mod because they are carrying 8-10 items, not just 4. They still have that behavior in vanilla, it just isn’t as extreme. When they start acting like that I generally walk away for ten minutes and let them finish up all queued up tasks.


ahhh I see

Im rather new to the game due to a friend recommending it, so still learning the basic ropes and all. Watching the youtuber Lathland did helped to some levels and playing it for several hours

So that means its best to let them finish all tasks before starting new ones, since I’ve read that the Hearthlings keep the hauling and stockpiling resources as the lowest priority.

It would be nice to have some hearthlings prioritize it as a priority job or assigning priority levels to this and that.

So far the Backpack mod does work fine, only sometimes they start dropping stuff randomly and at random locations, likw how i recently built a potter + forger building and they went in and started dropping stuff.

well thanks for helping and clearifying what they did mhm

Btw are there any appearance and hair + color mods out there, color mods for hair and skin etc? would’ve liked to make the hearthlings more different looking instead of being almost the same

Edit 2:
Btw is UI lag a bug of a sorts in the game or a sort of memory leak? I am using the Better storage mod which sorts the items into their categories, dunno if it tracks the items and causes lags and issues.

I am Using a good chunk of mods, although I think Better storage might be an issue, besides maybe ACE. currently have 12 Heartlings


just having several workers will keep the hauling going
you can stop individual hearthlings from doing certain jobs
lots of hauling to do but only a little mining
uncheck mining on some workers


hm, so just make sure the hearthlings doing jobs don’t haul then, Alright.

It shouldn’t effect them getting stuff and storing it does it?


let the hearthlings with a specific job (like carpenter, mason,… ) haul when they aren’t crafting
they should prioritize their jobs if they are able to perform them
set the tasks the workers do to better fit the needs
the problem is that chopping wood, gathering herbs, and similar tasks are part oh hauling( not certain but seems so)
my idea is to have more workers focused on a specific type of task
if you have a lot of wood gathering set and then start a mining task ,all the workers may stop gathering wood until the mining is mostly done
by stopping some workers from mining you always have some focused on wood gathering