[Con][A4 R120] Footman Patrolling Lua Error

Title: Random Error Code

Summary: This randomly apears. No idea what it is or why it is. Just at random times.

Steps to reproduce: N/A It happens randomly.

Expected Results: No Errors

Actual Results: Errors (See picture below)



Versions and Mods: My own mod: Temp Fix for Op Goblins [WIP] and latest version

System Information: Windows 8.1, 8gb ram, gtx 770 4gb, i5 4690k 3.5ghz

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thanks for the report @Nicedude80 … and the team may be able to make sense from the error you captured…

but in the future, it would be best if you try to use the suggested report format, and ideally, provide steps to reproduce the problem… :+1:

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Didn’t know that existed! Thanks!


A footman patrolling AI error? Dialing in @Albert

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There are some head bugged villagers as well around the farm area… at least one of whom is a footman. Could that be related?

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Good eye, that does look rather related. T__T

The head bug is a symptom of something (anything) going wrong with a load.

Ok, this is odd, is this the headbug thing people have been talking about, or did you guys implement quick dirt?

Only the footsman are doing this, they seem to be stuck. Also, and error popped up right after I accepted a farmer into my village, I closed out of it,but on the last line it said something about ember-xx.xx.x or something.

EDIT: I restarted the game, and the head on the right regained its body and is ok but the one on the left is still stuck. I will restart again and let you know.

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thanks for the follow up @Nicedude80, as well as formatting the original report… :+1:

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Yes, as discussed just above, that is the head bug. I think some of the causes for it had been removed (right? I recall something along those lines being mentioned in release notes at some point, I think for R118), but clearly not all of them.

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Ok after second restart the one on the left is still stuck and I got this error:

Ok I saved, restarted for 3rd time, and now both are stuck again.

edit: 4th restart and both stuck still. Gunna play truck sim.

The saves are now corrupted… if you made a bunch of separate saves, you should be able to go back far enough where this bug goes away.

Wow, I guess I don’t have a save, STUPID OVERWRITE. );

Bug in latest version [Alpha 4 - R122]

Steps I take to recreate

  1. Make Sword
  2. Make Villager Footman

Further to this a footman came to my village during a playthough, he patrolled for a short while before the same happened to him.

New Users can’t link so


This to me looks like the same Footman bug posted here: Footman Patrolling Lua Error

@SteveAdamo [DUP]?

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welcome aboard @liamjon13! :smile:

@Avairian, agreed!

Ok, so this happens when all four corners of a stockpile or farm have solid objects within two blocks of the zone. This is now fixed and will be in the next release. Thanks for the help!


Go Albert! I shall build a gigantic monument with you and your bug squashing weapon of choice in the center of my village! :smiley:

P.S. @Albert What’s your weapon of choice and what would you name it?

P.S.S. You guys and @sdee need to add the mason before I can do this. :wink: hint -cough; hint