[Con] [r144] Goblin heads stuck in ground

Sorry for bad pic, these be goblin heads, but I thought they be pumpkins.

Joking aside, these heads were being attacked by my villagers.

Side note: My carpenter is trapped by the un-killable heads.


So cute!!!
Poor thing :sob:

Can you specify any steps to repro? When did you notice that the heads were there? Are the goblins able to move or they spawn at that place?

Having the same problem. Goblins appear to be spawning in their stockpile, but all that is seen is their heads. Footman will continually attack them trying to kill them, with no end result.

More heads. Don’t know when they got here.

Same issue here too. The issue appears about 30 mins into a new game. The heads are always found around the edge of the fog of war. The heads aggro your guards, but can not be killed. Instead you guards stand there hitting them till the end of time. Saving and then reloading appears to fix the issue. I’ve been attack be around 30 goblins all at once. I thinking they spawn in bugged, and get stuck in the ground. Then upon reloading the save, spawn correctly, rush in, and kill everyone.

Hope this helps.

So, playing a new game, I noticed I was getting a few pathing errors, I wasn’t sure what it was, but I assumed it was goblins. I looked around my town but I didn’t find any goblins waiting in the shadows… Until I looked closer…

I’d confused this curious little bunch as a boulder:

And even now, it continues to grow:

I’ll grab a screenshot of the bug message that pops up when I get the chance again soon. But clearly quicksand is no friend of the goblins :wink:

To add to this particular bug, I tried and see what would happen if I reloaded the game, with the same save I would get:

  • exact same thing
  • unstuck, but now I get a hord of gobs
  • unstuck, small band of gobs and pathing correctly but some will get stuck on route to village and become invincible statue
  • mixture of burried gobs and gob hord.
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More of this here:

had the same issue here, they where walking to my town, suddenly they droped thrue the world and only half of them showed up.
They where now in some sort of statis, unable to be damaged, not moving or doing anything.
My guards went to attack them and at the end i had my entire village on them.

my footman was defending when i saw this
Gyazo - 2e9ba75dbc91668318661ff044eca0e3.png the goblins are bugged in the ground hope u can fix this guys
btw you are all amazing <3

Mod edit (embed image):

Yeah, this can happen sometimes. Which version of the game were you running BTW? The bottom left of the main menu will tell you (something like “0.1.0 (developer 123456)” ).


so the goblins are stuck in the ground and don’t move. They are un killable and starve my footman unless I demote the footman to workers :frowning:

This is a well known bug. Already a topic for it @SteveAdamo ?

yes indeed! I’m out and about, but if someone can link the existing report, I’ll get it merged in a bit… :+1:

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The one I found was a bit old not sure if a newer one exists but here is the one I found [Con] [r144] Goblin heads stuck in ground

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Hopefully, goblin camps in alpha 9 will fix this bug!