Hey guys I got a weird bug or just something I am not aware of

So the Chieftain spawned near my village I sent 2 of my guys to fight him but:
1)I can’t tell them to attack him / target any of his guards.
2)The enemy is not attacking does it take time until they actually fight me ?
(I left my soldiers in the middle of his camp and nothing they just stand there near him).

You should have got a message from the Goblins where they demand some goods and they get hostile only if you refuse to deliver. Until then they and all other Golbins are in peace and can visit each other :wink:

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Oh I didn’t know that Awesome.
Thanks a lot !

I wonder I have been mining for a while but I can’t find any ores or coal , any chance you know how to get those? other than trading with traders

You have to mine in the mountains and sometimes there you can find veins of pure ore :slight_smile:
Mining dirt only gives you clay and stone…
Mining in the rocks gives you all kind of ore as drops and much more stone…
Mining in a vein gives you a lot of that kind of ore

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Okay good to know I have been mining dirt for quite a while I guess I should aim for mountains :smiley: .