Mining dirt and placement? (terraforming)

Hey so i started a pretty unique playthrough right now where i build my entire town INSIDE OF A MOUNTAIN yes yes very difficult as there is no place to farm, basically no way to hunt animals, and very very little trees to chop down for wood and stuff. This requires me to repeatedly go down the mountain to the forest below to obtain the things i need like moving a group of bushes and stuff to the top of the mountain for food. But i was thinking, is it possible to MINE DIRT and MOVE a section of dirt to another location?! Maybe that can be something! mining out dirt and placing it in another location like ONTOP OF A MOUNTAIN where i’m starting my new town so i can have a, albeit very limited, space where i can grow and farm crops. I’d basically like to have something similar to when a goblin camp site pops up creating a hole in the ground and after clearing them out you have to rebuild the dirt into the ground but instead that pile of dirt being placeable wherever you want instead of just where it originally came from in that hole. is THIS possible?

This is actually a planned feature called the Geomancer. their job is to move terrain around far more easily then say mining and placing it, as far as living inside a mountain, I LOVE it. One trick i found was if you mine into the dirt layer underground you can still farm inside a cave and grow trees as long as the cavern is tall enough to support it.

REALLY?! i placed my starting point at the top of the highest mountain on my map and i’m mining my way down, selling the ore and stone and stuff i pick up along the way to buy food until i reach the bottom , i was under the impression that i’d need to place farms on the grass at the base of the mountain and set up basically 2 points on the map, one for food and resources, the other for the town itself. i’m mining a full 40x40 hole straight down to ground level and a cave out to the overworld from there. but now that i know i can plant crops on dirt inside of a cave so long as there is I"M ASSUMING SUNLIGHT reaching that area i’m pretty good with out needing that only need trees now lol

Actually sunlight isn’t required as of yet, just dirt or grass. it makes building a town slightly easier.

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oh…no sunlight yet huh? lol well damn hahaha that’s easy then