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  1. Will there be community Mod servers as well as a Radiant Mod server? Like Eclipse plug-ins, I can add many plug-in servers with just a Name and a URL.

  2. Any reason we can’t back on both Kickstarter and paypal to get more copies of the final game?

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I just thought of another question: Will there be mounts/alternate means of conveyance for our citizens and our enemies?

In addition to the titans in game, will there be any other mythical beings? Gods maybe, who would possibly grant us their favor. Would we be able to make our own pantheon of gods?

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i can’t imagine why not… :slight_smile:

unless im misunderstanding… do you want to pledge on both platforms, or simply increase your pledge (on one or the other) to get additional copies? if its the latter, something like increasing your pledge by $X to get an additional copy, etc.?

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I have a question: How will water supply work? Will we start with lakes and have to dig holes to create rivers running to our crops and houses?
Follow up question: Could that be the “cheap” way to supply water, but you can use a resource, say iron, to make pipes for it to be more efficient?

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I think I remember either @Tom or @Ponder had mentioned, that there will be some kind of pipes. I think it was an example for what the carpenter can create to help farmers.

So I guess it is not without reason to think about it being possible to have more advanced ways later on. Let’s think like this:

  • Wooden pipes are not very durable and need replacements after some time
  • Wooden pipes might not be well suited to transport a long distance as they loose water on connections or soaking it up
  • Pipes made of stone might be more durable or loose less water, thus can transport it further inland
  • Pipes made of metal are another upgrade like stone after wood

Still I guess this could be a good question for the Podcast, hoping they could go into more detail ^^


I just thought of another question: Will we be able to create interior rooms in larger buildings?

No I mean, pledge $50 on Kickstarter and $50 through paypal to end up with 4 copies of the game.

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sure, why not! :slight_smile:

of course, you could also just create another KS account, and pledge another 50 level there…

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Will there be much going on beneath the water in terms of animals and potential exploration? (Also: “Underwater City” and the surf & turf “Shark-People faction” - just throwing it out there :smile: )

@JPL Radiant has talked about the naval aspect of the game, but they’re a ways off from getting serious about it. I do really like where your head is at. An under water game would be a blast. :wink:

And then there was the bioshock mod.

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Thank you all for your great questions! Look for some of them to be answered on an upcoming episode of The Ban Hammer, the premier podcast of the Twonk Hammer Entertainment Network. You can find us at


I want to thank Radiant Entertainment for an awesome interview. Look for it to be aired during the next episode of Twonkhammer’s ( The Ban Hammer, going live this Sunday around 12pm EST on Twitch