Goblin tunnels, lava and more

Well, i love making huge mines in Stonehearth but i think that just digging in the rock is too easy and boring.

So i think that adding those things would be cool for an underground adventure :

1- Caves to explore with chests, monsters and rare ore like gold.
2- Goblin tunnels with wooden structures,chests and lot of goblins that will get out of their tunnels to steal your goods and attack your settlement.
3- Lava can be found on deep mines with some kind of fire monsters and dragons. (Maybe in the Lavasmith update).

That’s all but i hope something like that will appear in the game later to change a boring mine into an awesome adventurous gameplay :slight_smile:


It would be awesome if they added a titan that only awakens when you dig too deep, like the Balrog in Lord of the Rings.


Yes, some kind of boss to summon by digging :slight_smile:

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But how should this titan be killed? and do you think that there should be a special way to kill a titan (like a specific spell or ritual performed to kill it?

They just have to add more magic things to the game that would make the world so much more alive.

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Perhaps like the Balrog in LOTR, if you get too greedy and dig too deep, it takes your cave over!
In order to kill it, you will need a wizard though, :wink:

Or a special object to craft and place like with Ogo’s troll : Mountain :slight_smile: