Goblin Titan (Sort of) Concept

I just finished watching a past broadcast of a live stream (Watch it here!)… and there was a lot of gobliny goodness within. I’m someone who really likes variants and I’m already sketching out ideas for variant appearances for our human classes at this time. This particular broadcast was mostly about the different tiers of goblins and their variants. Most of us love the goblins as they offer a special kind of comedic relief to the game, and there are many suggestions for goblin hirelings or some other means to get goblins into your village. These requests were also followed by questions about when we are going to see a goblin in the game… I’ve come up with an interesting idea to have a chance at both.

So imagine you’re well on your way, you ave a growing population and are very prosperous. However, you can never get too comfortable because those damned goblins keep stealing, and raiding as best they can. So what happens after you slay countless little green abominations? well depending on exactly how many goblins you slay it will trigger a titan. I’m not talking some gargantuan monstrosity which make even the hardest footmen wet themselves… I’m talking titan goblin style…

I’m thinking big green, much stronger than the typical goblin, and a few times the height of a man. However this is is the toddlers first titan version of a game changing obstacle, and although this guy will be formidable at that stage of the game it can be slain without too much trouble if you are prepared. Now how does this tie into having your own little goblin peasant to push around? Well a standard feature on these big goblin titans is that they like to carry around a cage with a slave inside suspended by a chain on their belt. Upon taking down the big ol’ green nasty you would have the option of releasing the cage… to release, dispose of , or integrate the little guy into your numbers. I would like them to have the unique ability of being able to salvage the gear from fallen goblins that your town slays… that way he can at least have some sort of standard gear upgrade over time.

Another one of my tireless suggestions, to be honest this is the game I’ve always wanted to make in my head. So I have had discussions on ideas like this with my friends for a long time… so I have a head full of useless concepts. Make sure to spam me if it becomes too much of a hassle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds like a really cool concept. Kind of like a mini boss in a sort of way? The idea is there, the question is how to iterate it into the game. Maybe after you reach a certain point in the game, like if you gain over this much of an item level stronger mobs will appear.

It sounds great, I could try and flesh out a model for you if you wanted. =p

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love the basic premise (keep them coming!)… and for some strange reason, the first thought that came to mind was a version of Master Blaster from Mad Max… :wink:

I almost kind of want to see some sort of goblin Titan that can steal entire houses.



Houses might be a bit much, but it would be interesting if the goblin titan was also a kind of thief and could steal some bigger stuff than the regular goblins. Perhaps workbenches, or placed items generally.

Not sure I like this idea a great deal - just personal preference though. I prefer goblins as a horde race - ie numerous, but individually weak. Think something like this:

-Goblins = many, but individually weak
-Orcs, trolls = equal to humans
-Ogres = few, but big & nasty individually
-Little Titans = a really big monster with accompanying minions
-Big Titans = a stupidly big monster without minions… because it doesn’t need them

Obviously champions for each would be better than the average, and you could have alliances between them too. My version of your “goblin titan” would be more like an extra-large raid (probably with extra-long pause afterwards)… also means a bit of variation as the game progresses - you don’t just want “fewer bigger” monsters attacking (at least, I don’t).


I’m ok with a Goblin Titan, could be a fun little thing to deal with…

However, when you said Goblin Titan… i basically just thought of a troll, which would get the job done just as well i’d think.

I always pictured the goblins having more of a Shaman, or a chieftain that rides a Troll or Wolf or Pterodactyl as their boss type unit.


You had me with this…


Awesome idea, the goblin shaman riding a pterodactyl is just awesome.


I still do like my idea but I think I am going to tweak it a bit… I’m working on how to mod Stonehearth currently and this may be a nice little project once I get the needed experience. I feel some sort of “Goblin boss” who embodies the dull, cannon fodder nature of the goblins but still being slightly formidable would still have a place though. The same with rescuing goblin slaves to bring on as citizens… perhaps not a mixture of the two though

Oh absolutely. I’d love to see the full panoply of goblin chieftains, shamans, warlock-y spellcasters, champions etc :slight_smile: .


I tried to use the word titan loosely but I think what I was after was that I want this particular foe to work like the titans do… triggered by some sort of event. In this case how many goblins you kill.